You are currently viewing 5 best empowering songs from K-pop girl groups

5 best empowering songs from K-pop girl groups


Do you love listening to girl groups? Do you love feeling like an empowered queen that could rule the world? Are you looking for something a little different than you typically listen to? We definitely have a playlist for you.

Grab your ladies and dancing shoes. This playlist will have you groovin’ and bumpin’ while planning world domination.


BLACKPINK is a girl group all about female empowerment. They are breaking records after records. 

DDU-DU-DDU-DU is a powerful anthem that makes you want to grab your girls and hit the dance floor. Only ladies are allowed on the floor when this song is playing.

“I Don’t Need a Man” – Miss A 

In this power anthem the message is in the title. You don’t need a man.

It seems as though the world revolves around men, or that a woman’s world should revolve around a man. But Miss A has something to say about that. 

This poppy song will have you busting a move while screaming “I don’t need a man!” 

“I am the One” – 2NE1

Want a powerful anthem that will turn everyone’s head as you enter the room? Look no further my ladies. This classic will become your next favorite.

2NE1 has been known for breaking records and defying societal expectations. 

The angelic harmonies and hard raps that perfectly balance each other in this song. It will have you busting a move with all your ladies while feeling like a boss. 

Dalla Dalla – ITZY 

Need an anthem to help let the masses know that you don’t care? Don’t worry, ITZY has your back, ladies. 

Not only does this song have a powerful message, but also a powerful beat. This sick beat will make you throw all of your cares away! This song will have you dancing late into the night alone or with your gal pals. 

“Hip” – Mamamoo 

Ever feel the like beauty standards of society are bringing you down? Like the societal contrast of beauty is against you? You should definitely turn on this jam by Mamamoo. 

Mamamoo wrote this song as a way to protest against the strict beauty standards in South Korea. But this is certainly a jam that everyone in the world can relate to. 

The message of the song is that every single body is beautiful nobody the shape and size. 

The amazing thing about this list is its full of all-powerful ladies. Each girl group listed has either or is redefining the K-pop genre. They are sending powerful messages for their female fans, paving a path of feminism in the K-pop industry for later generations. 
To listen to more power anthems ladies, here is the full playlist.