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5 Musical Artists Spreading Positive Messages With Their Music

WRITTEN BY Allison Chudina

If you’re searching for some positivity in your life, look no further. 

The following artists’ songs can help you forget about your worries for a little while. No matter what obstacles you may be navigating right now, hopefully these artists will bring you joy and remind you everything’s going to be alright. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is the perfect artist to listen to if you need a pick-me-up. He constantly spreads messages of love and positivity in his songs, especially on his second album “Fine Line.” 

Styles makes it his mission to encourage kindness. He even started his own movement called “Treat People With Kindness” in which he donates money he earns from selling merchandise to various charities around the world. He also donates a portion of the money he makes from concert tickets to charity. 

This, combined with his notorious support of feminism and gender non-conforming fashion, makes Styles an inspiration for young people everywhere. 


Lizzo quickly skyrocketed to the top of music charts all over the world after the release of her 2019 album “Cuz I Love You.” Her music tackles important topics such as body positivity, feminism and the celebration of diversity. 

If you’re looking for music that will make you feel good about yourself, Lizzo is the artist for you. She constantly spreads messages of self-love in her songs, and you will come away from listening to her music feeling strong and empowered. “Like a Girl,” “Good as Hell” and “Juice” are particularly motivating girl-power anthems. 

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is the queen of positivity and serves as a living example that you can make it through the dark periods in your life. 

She has always spoken openly about her past struggles with substance abuse and rehab, often expressing herself through her music (“Sober,” “Anyone” and “Skyscraper.”) 

Lovato is also outwardly supportive of the LGBTQ community and identifies as sexually fluid herself. She spreads messages of love and acceptance, and her music will help you to unapologetically live your truth (check out the inspirational bop “I Love Me”). 

Alessia Cara

If you’re looking for music specifically catered toward younger audiences, Alessia Cara is your girl. Cara uses her platform to speak to young women about self-love and coming to terms with growing pains. In fact, her second album is titled “The Pains of Growing.”

Her music preaches that it’s okay to love who you are and be yourself. The song “Scars to Your Beautiful” definitely makes an impact and will make you re-evaluate how you see yourself in the mirror. 

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld has done it all, from singing to acting to songwriting. She’s also a feminist icon who focuses her music on themes of sisterhood and girl power. 

Her 2017 anthem “Most Girls” was the first of many inspiring songs. Her most recent album “Half Written Story” is full of vulnerable yet catchy tunes that focus on being strong amidst times of hardship. 

Steinfeld is definitely one to listen to if you need encouragement.