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5 Tips on How to Start Shopping Sustainably, Info on Slow Fashion

WRITTEN BY Alexa Fernandes

If you are just now learning about sustainable and ethical fashion, then you may be wondering, where do you even begin to convert from the culture of fast fashion to slow fashion while still pleasing all your needs as a consumer?

Well, look no further. Here are five major tips on how to start shopping sustainably

Do Your Research

It seems to be easier to support shopping sustainability and understanding the concept of slow fashion having higher price points by understanding the production process behind each piece. 

Most sustainable brands are using recycled materials and conventional dyes, and are cutting their products “ready to wear” — this essentially means creating each product once it is ordered to help reduce overconsumption in textile waste. 

You can usually find this on a brand’s website under their “about” tabs or “our story”.

Understanding the Concept of Slow Fashion

An easy way to explain slow fashion is simply to shop the complete opposite of fast fashion, which most of today’s culture supports. 

Fast fashion is all about quick production turnarounds and fast-moving trends that will be yesterday’s news as soon as they hit the floor. The concept of slow fashion focuses on timeless styles that play a universal role in any outfit. 

The price point is higher, but that is where the term “slow” comes in. As a consumer, we can slow down excess production waste by investing in pieces to boost our overall style rather than being a follower of countless trends.


Thrifting has been such a positive trend in the fashion industry, and it is a great way to meet in the middle of being conscious of how you shop without the pain of a high price point. 

With thrifting, you can find those trendy pieces that may be vintage or one of a kind that make it more of a staple in your closet rather than just another piece you bought from a big retailer. 

Thrifting allows you to be more creative with your style by repurposing items or upcycling them with how you choose to style an outfit that is super unique to your own style.

Closet-Cleanout Funds

It is a great idea to clean out your closet almost every season. 

By doing this, you are able to see what clothes you haven’t worn, what doesn’t fit you as well anymore and can even decide what pieces you don’t love that someone else might. 

Try bringing these pieces to local consignment shops or second hand stores that will buy your clothes from you, or you could even make a closet Instagram.

The money you get from selling your clothes can become your funds for those specific pieces you have been dying to get your hands on but never had the room in my closet or the money you could justify using.

Mood Boards

We all love seeing mood boards for getting inspiration of cute vibes we want in our lives, or even to display as a background on our phones or artwork in our room. 

Making mood boards with pieces you want to buy is very helpful when deciding what items are worth purchasing. Think of it as though you are creating your very own collection for each season and focusing your energy on becoming the Pinterest icon you’ve been obsessing over, and this way, you can achieve that with your unique taste.

These are just a few tips that can help you go from being a fast fashion addict to loving the concept of slow fashion and embracing a sustainable closet, because trends may fade but style is here to stay.