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7 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands to Support Right Now

WRITTEN BY Maddy Johnson

Coming across a makeup brand with a good foundation is always difficult, so we have done all the work for you. 

A vegan makeup brand is not the same thing as being cruelty-free, so it can be hard to find good brands that are both. While cruelty-free makeup brands do not test their products on animals, vegan brands do not include any animal biproducts whatsoever. 

Here are some vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands to help save some animals and look great doing it. 


While popularly known for their bath bombs, Lush features cosmetics and skincare as well. 

Lush does not test on animals and all of their products are vegan. 

They also advocate for the environment, animals and people in need through their “Charity Pot” program, where 100% of the proceeds are donated. 


Pacifica features makeup, haircare and skincare — all of which are completely vegan and cruelty-free. 

This company loves the environment and has a reward program to recycle used product packing. Some of the recycled products are even used for their razors and toothbrushes!

Thrive Causemetics

Thrive is a women-supporting brand with every product being vegan and cruelty-free. 

They support women through multiple charities involving cancer, domestic abuse, homelessness and veterans. 

They even donate a portion of their profits to women, ending systematic racism and frontline COVID-19 workers.


Aside from being one of the most affordable drugstore brands, one more reason to love E.L.F. is the fact that all their products are not tested on animals and they do not use animal products in their makeup. 

This year, E.L.F. has partnered with the “It Gets Better Project” to support LGBTQ+ youth. 

They also link resources to inform and get involved to help with the Black Lives Matter movement on their website.

Beauty Bakerie

Founded by a black woman, Beauty Bakerie is a must have. Along with being animal friendly, this company cares for the community. 

There are links on the website to donate to Black Lives Matter organizations, and they even have their own charity program called “Sugar Homes” which donates to children in orphanages. 

The Lip Bar

Found at Target, this vegan and cruelty-free brand is affordable and easily accessible. The Lip Bar is black-owned and was started because of the lack of diversity within the beauty industry.

They offer a vast range of colors for all skin tones and have models of different races and genders on their website. 

Eco Tools

Without brushes, the look would not be complete! Get a hold of your routine with this eco-friendly brand. 

The labels they use can be planted to grow into wildflowers and they use biodegradable packaging. Eco Tools cares a lot about their footprint, and they even use recycled materials in their produ