You are currently viewing A Basic Guide For Beginner Plant Owners, From Simple Tips To Houseplant Varieties

A Basic Guide For Beginner Plant Owners, From Simple Tips To Houseplant Varieties

WRITTEN BY Gabby Bellot

Houseplants are much easier to care for than they appear, especially if you opt for plants that require minimal maintenance. However, it can seem overwhelming to have to decipher what kinds of responsibilities come along with being a plant parent. 

Here are a few basic tips on plant care and maintenance, along with some houseplants that you may consider starting out with.

Allow yourself (and your plant) room to grow

If it’s your first time owning a plant, it’s inevitable for you to run into some hiccups as you learn how your plant reacts to your home environment. Conditions in your home or office space, for example — like dimness or humidity — are factors to be aware of, especially when considering the type of plant you want.

Furthermore, it’s useful to “get to know” your plant, in a sense. Becoming well acquainted with the soil – AKA plunging a finger into the dirt often – allows you to understand what the plant needs. Dry dirt obviously signals the need for watering, while extremely moist dirt warrants the opposite.

This also helps with typical issues that first-time plant owners face like over/under-watering. With the issue of over-watering, it’s sometimes best to give your plant some space. Again, this is where feeling the plant’s soil comes in handy.

Make sure plant care fits into your schedule

Even the most low maintenance plants require some degree of care, so new plant owners should be sure to have some time to provide that necessary maintenance. 

Some of the easiest plants to take care of only require watering once a week – or even every couple of weeks – and if you’re someone with a busy schedule, it may benefit you to add it to your agenda or designate a certain day as your “plant care day.”

Having a good routine helps keep your plants alive and beautiful in your home spaces. 

Now, here are three plants to look into as a beginner plant parent.

Peace Lily

According to, the peace lily is “beautiful and low maintenance … an air purifier and also a classic sympathy gift.”

Peace lilies thrive in bright light and should be watered “when [the] soil is dry or leaves start to droop.”


Succulents are some of cutest plant additions to any room, often being planted in small pots and varying in color/tone. 

Succulents require direct sunlight and do better with occasional waterings.

According to The Sill, an online plant company, “you can water these plants every 2-3 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light.” 

ZZ Plant 

Referring again to, the ZZ plant “excels when ignored and will even grow in low-light conditions, such as dark corners of offices and homes.” 

It also can tolerate periods of drought, so if you travel often, this could be the right plant for you.