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Activism within the beauty community: Great brands with powerful messages


Recently, many businesses have been expressing their environmental and social activism through their products. 

They do this through giving back money to organizations by selling their products, or even by using the product itself as a symbol for activism. It is important to buy from businesses that empower and help others. 

Here are some beauty brands that promote activist messages with their products.

Fenty Beauty

This brand showcased its activism through the Fenty Beauty Foundation and concealers. 

Rihanna, world-renowned singer and founder of Fenty Beauty, pushed for inclusivity by creating a large variety of shades, focusing on darker-skinned shades that are often left out when it comes to a makeup brand’s shades. 

Fenty Beauty’s message is to show the beauty industry and the world that every skin color is beautiful. Many beauty brands followed Fenty Beauty and are trying to emphasize diversity through their shade ranges.

Kahina Giving Beauty

This brand focuses on Moroccan argan oil, which can be used for many cosmetic functions. 

Kahina Giving Beauty employs their activism by donating a percentage of their revenue to the Berber women of Morocco. 

For example, the brand has donated over one-hundred sheep to women in Morocco to provide wool for weaving, they have provided healthcare for women and they even provided a public-school bathroom for girls. 


The brand Lush has been known as a brand that gives back, and they even have a product specifically created to assist charities. 

Their “Charity Pot Moisturizer” raises money for charities and activists that emphasize helping the environment, as well as humans and animals in need.

Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is a dedicated activist brand that focuses their donations on helping minorities and women. 

They have supported native and indigenous land rights as well as Black Lives Matter. 

Additionally, they donated a portion of money from specific products to combat abortion bans.

NOTO Botanics

NOTO Botanics is the first brand that created gender-fluid skincare products and makeup. 

The brand donates 100% of the profits from their product Agender Oil to LGBTQ organizations and Planned Parenthood to promote gender inclusivity and awareness for women. 

Each of these brands is focused on supporting various organizations with profits from their products. We recommend checking out some of these brands to support the various activist messages that they support.