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Benefits of Using Clothing Resale Apps: Poshmark, Depop

WRITTEN BY Karlen Kardoush

In recent years, clothing resale apps have increased in popularity.

Some of these apps include Poshmark, Depop and Mercari. Benefits of buying and selling secondhand clothing include reducing environmental impacts, promoting sustainable fashion, saving money and having a unique, fashionable wardrobe. 

Ellie Nobert, senior at the University of Tennessee, has always been an avid fashion lover and began using Poshmark to sell her clothes within the last year. 

“I think that Poshmark and other resale apps are an easy way to clean out your closet without the hassle of dealing with shipping and with each buyer,” Nobert said. “You can list a bunch of clothing or accessories and Poshmark handles the logistics.”

Nobert also points out how Poshmark helps to create a smaller carbon footprint because clothes are being reused instead of something new being made and purchased.

Adair Sawyer, another UT student, uses Depop to purchase most of her clothes. Not only does she save money buying used clothes, but she is able to purchase unique designer times for much less. 

“No one is going to have the same items as me and that is what I love about Depop,” Sawyer said. “The clothing is completely unique and I probably will not be able to find the same piece ever again. Resale apps are a great way to purchase one-of-a-kind clothing.”

Another way to buy and sell clothes is through various Facebook groups. 

There are a few for UT students specifically, such as “New UTK Girls Buy Sell Trade Page” and “UTK Girls BUY SELL CHAT TRADE ETC.” 

Buying and selling to other students in Knoxville is an easy way to keep money within the local economy. It also makes for an easier drop off and pick up process. 

Teenagers and young adult have become more vocal about boycotting the fast fashion industry, and resale apps and Facebook groups are a great way to actively participate and support sustainability. 

As consumers, it is important to research and become familiar with the harmful effects of fast fashion in order to steer other women into the right direction for years to come.