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Best YouTubers to Watch For At-Home Workouts

WRITTEN BY: Cameron Fox

Whether the gyms near you remain closed or you have a packed schedule and are not able to make it to one, there is no need to worry about where you will get your next workout. 

YouTube has blown up with various different workout channels, which offer a variety of exercises perfect for the busy college student who is looking to fight back against the new term, coined “Zoom fatigue,” and get in a workout between virtual classes. 

Here are some creators who offer innovative ways to get moving this semester without having to ever leave the comfort of your room.


A personal favorite, Maddie Lymburner offers exercises for all types of styles and levels. 

From 30-minute HIIT workouts to shorter videos focused on specific areas of the body like arms or abs, it is easy to mix and match whatever kind of workout you are looking for. 

She has some workouts that require equipment, but encourages viewers to get creative if they may not have access to gym equipment by using household items, such as milk jugs and filled-up water bottles. 

With her radiant energy and motivational attitude, Lymburner makes you feel like you have a personal trainer right there next to you. And if you are ever in the mood to switch up your workouts, she also has fun 15-minute dance routine workouts, including a One Direction-themed video and a 90s throwback music video.

Tasha Franken

Though only discovered recently, model and certified pilates instructor Tasha Franken has quickly become another one of our go-to’s. 

Franken provides a mix of high-intensity, cardio-focused workouts, but she also has more pilates and yoga-based workouts as well. Her qualifications as an instructor allow her to explain each exercise and pose in simple terms for viewers. This is perfect for those days when you are not in the mood to work out, or you want something a little more relaxing. 

One of the pluses of Franken’s workouts is that she rarely requires equipment for any of them, and this is especially helpful for college students on a budget.

Kayla Itsines

Itsines, best known for being the creator of the SWEAT app, a subscription-based service that offers numerous kinds of at-home workouts, also has a YouTube channel where she posts free, full-length videos. 

Similar to MadFit, she requires virtually no equipment in these videos, focusing primarily on bodyweight exercises. Most videos range from 30 to 45 minutes, so you can be sure that you are getting in a solid workout for the day. 

You can try out some of the videos on her channel to see if you want to commit to paying for the app, which gives users workouts and routines tailored to their fitness goals.


Cassey Ho, creator of the Blogilates channel, has become a YouTube phenomenon, even taking her success over to Instagram in the form of photo slide decks detailing different exercises. 

Another pilates-centered channel, Ho is a certified instructor that also runs a health blog, where she posts quick and healthy recipes and motivational tips to improve your physical and mental health. Ho’s workouts rarely exceed 20 minutes, and, if they involve equipment, they hardly ever range from anything more than a booty band or some light weights. 

She posts a mix of pilates and stretching videos and what she calls PIIT (pilates intense interval training), guaranteed to have you feeling the burn. 

Ho makes creating a workout routine simple and effective by offering her own PDF templates that explain different kinds of workouts and help kickstart your health and fitness journey.