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Building your personal brand on Instagram


Social media is a booming industry to be a part of. Instagram is one of the most popular apps or social media platforms, and everyone’s feed is full of influencers and Instagram models. 

But how does someone make their Instagram stand out? 

It all starts with a personal brand. What is a personal brand? In layman’s terms, your personal brand is how you promote yourself or the self that you want the world to see. 

It’s the personality that you present of yourself on Instagram. Building a personal brand can be tricky, but with these steps, hopefully you can become an influencer. 

What’s your niche? 

The first step to personal branding is finding out what you want to present to the world. Figure out what your niche is. 

What is a niche? A niche is basically something that you would specialize in. This could range from makeup to working out, or even books. 

Your niche is what your viewers or followers associate you with. It’s also important to look up people with similar niches as yourself. 

For example, if you want to make your Instagram all about photography, then look up other accounts that focus on photography. 

Get inspiration from your competitors. See what works and doesn’t work from. Learn from them but keeping your own personal twist on it. 

Remember that while you might have a similar niche to someone, you have to make it your own or you won’t stand out. 

The personality of the brand

The next step in your personal branding journey is figuring out what the personality of the brand is. 

Now, what exactly does this mean? 

This means, what feeling do you want accomplish with your brand? Do you want your followers to feel excitement when they see your post? Or, do you want them to more a sophisticated aura from them?

Basically, figure out what the vibes are that you want to present. This is the personality of your brand. 

The personality of the brand does not have to match exactly with your own personality. 

Color palette 

Once the personality is figured out, then choosing the correct color palette to represent the brand comes. 

This is a really vital step, especially with Instagram. Instagram is such a visual platform; it makes sense that a killer color palette is important. 

This is also why presets for Instagram photos are really helpful. Another helpful trick is to make a mood board with your color palettes. Being able to see visual representation before posting is really helpful, and you can even use Pinterest for this. 

Update the Instagram

The next step would be to update your Instagram account to the new content of your personal brand. 

Don’t keep posting posts that do not represent your new personal brand. Also, sometimes this new update means revamping everything. This includes the profile picture and bio. 

Update your highlight covers to things that represent your brand. Maybe even change your handle. 

This is the start of something new.