Cute, comfy outfit ideas for Zoom classes

Cute, comfy outfit ideas for Zoom classes


With most students having at least some, if not all, classes online this semester, it can be easy to revert to wearing our pajamas. However, on those days you want to get a little more dressed up or have some extra time on your hands, do not worry — we have got you covered.

Have no fear, our team is here to help you use clothes already in your closet to create stylish, but most importantly comfortable, outfits that will still help you feel put together during this virtual semester. 

Here are some different outfit ideas you can refer to the next time you are stuck on what to wear.

Oversized t-shirt, biker shorts, sneakers/slides

This is a daily uniform for us, and the best part about it is the number of ways you can style it.

Throw on your favorite oversized or graphic tee with a pair of colored biker shorts and fun athleisure sneakers for an outfit that can be transitioned from sitting at your desk to getting in a quick workout in between classes.

For an added touch, throw on your favorite gold or silver jewelry pieces such as a pair of hoops or some layered necklaces. To accentuate the accessories, a slicked-back low bun or pony is a go-to hairstyle.

Sweater and sweatpants

Another favorite, this outfit idea is perfect for if you want to have a more put-together look on the top but still want to be comfortable on the bottom.

We love finding either a solid or printed sweater and pairing it with a pair of neutral or colored sweats or joggers. Add a nice pair of slides — or fuzzy socks for those days you are not leaving your room — and voila.

Cardigan with a t-shirt and joggers

For a bit more of an elevated look, pairing a graphic tee with a fun, colored cardigan — think mustard yellow, forest green or a dark purple/red — allows you to spice up the usual tee and sweats look.

Although similar to sweatpants, joggers are a step up that allow for a little more flare and make for an easy look you can wear out as well.

Tank or t-shirt and denim shorts

If you are looking to switch up from sweatpants or athletic shorts, a quality pair of denim shorts is a staple in our wardrobe.

Pair with your favorite tank top or tee shirt and for an extra touch add a bralette underneath. Layer your favorite necklaces and you are good to go.

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