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Dandy Soap: Choosing The Best for the Environment and Your Body

WRITTEN BY Sarah Williams

Single-use plastic is such a danger to the environment, and it is a good idea to limit use when we can. Many household products, like shampoo, conditioner and soap, are a large portion of the single-use plastic seen in America due to their production and packaging. 

Dandy Soap is a local Knoxville business that is focusing on limiting these plastic bottles from necessary goods. Sharon Deane, owner of Dandy Soap, noticed how large of an issue this was within the community, and she did what she could to make change for the better. 

Deane began by creating artisan bar soap, but she has since ventured into making environmentally friendly shampoo bars, conditioner bars, lotion bars and whipped soap. Most of her products are vegan friendly with the exception of some containing goat milk or honey. 

“I try to reduce plastic in product packaging and also in the raw materials I source for the products. I buy in bulk as much as possible and try to source material as close to Knoxville as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of delivery,” Deane said.

As the sole owner of Dandy Soap, Deane has had to make important decisions to ensure she is staying true to the intention of her shop, creating shower products that do not hurt the environment. One of these decisions was about specific ingredients used in her bar soaps. 

 “I’m also working to remove palm oil in my soap. All of the palm oil I currently use is Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RPSO) certified, but I still want to help reduce the demand of it since palm oil harvesting leads to deforestation,” Deane said.

It is important for customers to not only look at what is good for the environment, but to also look at what is best for their bodies. Dandy Soap seeks to offer only the best for its customers and the earth. 

“The more natural the better in my opinion, when it comes to skincare. The shorter the ingredient label, the better,” Deane said. 

Dandy Soap focuses on using natural ingredients that help nourish the body and help the environment in the best ways they can. Deane has focused on creating soap products that are environmentally friendly, safe for our bodies and affordable in price. 

Next time you find yourself needing shower items, check out Dandy Soap and use code “HONEY10” for 10% off your order.