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Elyse Wilde: Contemporary, Sustainable Fashion Meets Knoxville

WRITTEN BY Alexa Fernandes

Elyse Wilde is a contemporary boutique in Knoxville that focuses on empowering women while still incorporating the importance of sustainable fashion. This brand also includes stylish pieces for men with their “Wilde Men” collection and your little ones with their “Little Wilde” collection. 

Elyse Wilde is owned by Knoxville native Chelsea Elyse Brooks. She was born and raised in Knoxville and attended Middle Tennessee State University where she graduated with a degree in textiles, merchandising and design and a minor in marketing. From there, Brooks went to work at Revolve Clothing as a buyer in Los Angeles.

This experience helped fuel Brooks’ idea of opening a modern boutique in Knoxville that reflected the unique California lifestyle and design. Brooks took this source of inspiration one step further by curating her California vibes into the meaning behind her boutique’s name. 

“The use of my middle name, Elyse, represents a journey of personal growth and acceptance through differences in cultural norms, and “Wilde” brings together the design aspect of the West Coast but is also a subtle nod to our sustainability, incorporating elements of mother nature and wanting to clean up our planet and educate conscious consumers,” Brooks said. 

From the ideal image Brooks pictured for Elyse Wilde, she made sure to include how important sustainability and empowerment were for her shop. 

“At Elyse Wilde, we focus on brands and products that are ethically made, meaning our creators, manufacturers, factory workers, employees etc., have a strict code of conduct. … No matter what your role is, we believe that all people should be treated equally, and our brands represent those ethics as well. Next, we try to incorporate eco-friendly brands and products to lighten our carbon footprint,” Brooks said.

Most of their brands utilize natural renewable resources, such as certified organic cotton and linen, cellulose fibers and recycled materials to help eliminate waste. These efforts help contribute to the well-being of our earth while still providing their consumers with tip-top quality in all their products.

Elyse Wilde carries products such as “For Love and Lemons” and “Agolde etc. These products supply Elyse Wilde’s customers with great quality with the purpose to make customers feel confident in their skin. 

Brooks described how Elyse Wilde stands for women’s empowerment and how she views fashion as such a strong endorsement of this. 

“I truly believe that fashion is an opportunity for self-expression, and that alone can be very empowering. We promote unified living and want to see our community grow together in love. We try to represent that to the best of our abilities, so when you visit Elyse Wilde, we intend that you always feel included, loved and beautiful,” Brooks said.

The atmosphere at Elyse Wilde intends to make customers feel welcome and included. Their unique products encourage people to branch out of their comfort zone and to try something new to help spice up their look.

Once people invest in sustainable products and focus on the concept of slow fashion rather than constantly supporting fast fashion, it is possible they will never want to go back.

Elyse Wilde is a growing business that offers great positions at their store such as sales associates and merchandising internships. Their goal is to open more locations in the future but to keep their headquarters in Knoxville, TN.

Brooks describes that having an H.Q. location in Knoxville would open opportunities for young women to learn and grow within the fashion industry, and through this, she would be able to offer guidance on sustainable living.

Brooks described how she feels that moving to Los Angeles was a key moment in her career for being able to crack into the fashion industry, because in Knoxville, there are not very many available fashion-related jobs. 

“Knoxville has so much potential and so many talented and creative minds who may not necessarily want to move across the country to New York or L.A. to seek opportunities, and those are the girls that I want to reach and help them achieve their goals and dreams without having to leave a place they love,” Brooks said.

Make sure to check out Elyse Wilde Boutique, which is located at 5356 Kingston Pike, or visit their website or Instagram and get a cute new outfit that will be sure to help boost anyone’s inner girl boss.