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Ethical Workout Fashion Brands

WRITTEN BY Chelsea Hall

Here is a list of eco-friendly clothing brands. These clothing brands either specialize in athletic wear or offer multiple options in the category, and hey all share the same goal of saving the planet. 


Pact is an eco-friendly clothing brand. It ranges from bed sheets to kids’ clothing. It is well-rounded when it comes to inventory options. 

When it comes to athletic wear, Pact mostly only offers leggings, but they come at affordable prices. There are many options when it comes to designs and sizes. 

Not only is there a myriad of options, but it also has an incredible mission, according to their website: “Our mission is to build Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company.”

Pact organically grows all the cotton it uses for its clothing. By making its own cotton, Pact limits the amount of water waste. Pact also avoids the usage of toxic chemicals in this process. 

It also offers options so that customers can interact with its mission. Customers can participate in carbon offset shipping. They can also use Pact’s shipping box to recycle. These interactions help customers participate in the mission of building Earth’s Favorite Company.


Boody is an Australian sustainable apparel brand that creates clothing from eco-friendly materials. 

The company is based around its four pillars. The four pillars of Boody are sustainability, ethics, quality and giving back. 

Boody’s pillars make it stand out against fast-fashion companies, but these pillars can usually be found in other eco-friendly brands. What really makes Boody unique is its usage of bamboo yarn.

“Easy on the skin, hypoallergenic, and highly breathable, this miracle plant produces one of the softest yarns available,” Boody’s website said.

Not only is this special material unmatched in quality, but there are many sustainable benefits to it. The planting of bamboo can slow down deforestation, limit water waste and prevent soil erosion. 

Boody does a lot to make sure it is “Good for you and our planet.” This company offers a lot of options both in athletic wear and clothing basics. All the options are extremely cute and comfortable, according to the reviews.

Girlfriend Collective 

Girlfriend Collective not only has the goal of being eco-friendly, but it is also transparent. The company prides itself on having transparency with its customers that other companies do not have. 

On its website, the company documents almost everything anyone would need to know about it. They do this so that customers have no questions or worries about the company they are buying from.

Girlfriend Collective is unique in the sense that they use old water bottles in their clothes. 

Most synthetic activewear is made from plastic. Girlfriend Collective takes old plastic water and, through the power of science, makes the material for its leggings. 

Its goals of being eco-friendly are not only found in their products but also in its packaging, which is 100% recycled and recyclable.

This company’s clothing is more on the expensive side, but there are a variety of options in style and size. Girlfriend Collective is the only company on this list that offers clothing in plus sizes.