Check out these stories of amazing women and feminists in Knoxville. If you know someone doing extraordinary things in East Tennessee, let us know so we can share their story.


Letter From The EIC: Since The Onset

Emma Hudson, Editor-in-Chief

Feminist Instagram Accounts to Motivate and Inspire You

Emma Coffey, Contributor

Retrospect Vintage Store: Where Vintage is Always Affordable

Elizabeth Nelms, Contributor

Women of Haslam: Organization Founded By Women For Women In The Business World

Cameron Fox, Contributor


UT student discusses African American history class, importance of diverse courses

Frances Seiters, Contributor

The Face of Feminism: Creator of Dakika Studios Speaks Out on Prejudice, Ideas Behind Artwork

Faith Lampe, Contributor

Pandemic Cannot Stop Pride Center: The Show Must Go On

Caitlyn Smith, Contributor

Welding as a woman: Using confidence, drive to succeed in male-dominated profession

Caitlyn Smith, Contributor

Women-Based Organizations on Campus

Sarah Williams, Contributor

Oglewood Ave, Local Plant Shop, Inspires Starters in Business

Frances Seiters, Contributor

Scruffy's Cafe is the purr-fect place to relax

Allison Chudina, Contributor

Catcalling: The female experience

Jenni Rice, Contributor

Leading Women of Tomorrow

Emma Coffey, Contributor

Bestselling female author becomes Knoxville local

Caitlyn Smith, Contributor