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Feminist Instagram Accounts to Motivate and Inspire You

WRITTEN BY Emma Coffey

In the era of Instagram and social media, it is easy to compare yourself to others and sometimes specific pages can be discouraging. Seeing a simple photo on your Instagram can make or break your day; so following Instagram accounts that make you feel more confident is important. Lately, the existence of feminism on Instagram has been stronger than ever. 

Here are some empowering feminist Instagram accounts that you should check out. 


This account is literally called “Feminist.”

The posts consist of empowering messages directed toward women and the LGBTQ+ community. The page addresses social and political issues, while making its audience feel powerful. It also emphasizes the importance of activism and standing up for basic human rights.   


This page is specifically dedicated to feminism in the Knoxville area. 

“A fun and empowering group for Knoxvillians committed feminism and repro rights to engage in discourse and enact change,” the bio reads.

It posts women empowerment photos and informative posts about the community. 


Rupi Kaur is a young poet with a Hindu background who uses her Instagram to post her poetry that anyone can relate to. 

She focuses on immigration struggles, feminist issues and other aspects. Kaur teaches through her posts the importance of self-love and peace.  


This is a unique page that focuses on women in history. Every post consists of a woman and her story, hence the username. 

Many women on the page are not extremely famous, so it is likely that you will learn something new. If you want to feel empowered and learn something new about women in history, this is a perfect page to follow. 


If you are looking for a career community for women, this account is just the place to go to. The account wishes to improve the workplace for women. This could be an insightful page to investigate when preparing for a career. On the page there are connections and jobs that are available. 

It posts quotes, studies, statistics and advice about women in the work field and how to fight for what women deserve in the work environment. 


This is an artist and photographer who concentrates on women as a focus. Her pictures are unique and will bring a vintage vibe to your Instagram feed. It is present in her photographs that she promotes equality for trans women and fights against misogyny.


This page is perfect if you are looking for inspiring quotes from strong women. The account consistently posts quotes by women who are from different eras and backgrounds. It also posts advice for women and studies, such as women holding more anxiety than men.

Anytime you are feeling like you are lacking self-love or just need some more feminism in your life, check out these Instagram accounts.