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Finding Freedom in February

WRITTEN BY McKenna Rhinehart

How I’m spending my first Valentine’s Day alone, and how you should too.

  1. Big girls clean.

To conquer this day or any other, a clean space, body and face is a must. When we tackle the visual aspects of our lives, we have a rush of pride and confidence in ourselves. This allows us to enjoy our independence. Start small with your bed, and then work up to the shower. You got this girl.

  1. You’re, like, really pretty!

It can be frustrating seeing other people in relationships. The cute gifts and the fun dates make you feel like you’re missing out, but one thing that doesn’t require a partner is validation. Look in the mirror and be your own hype person. This can be whatever you feel, but some good examples are “I am grateful “I am beautiful,” “I am successful,” and so on. This can be done in meditation or throughout the day.

  1. Table for one!

Being single means becoming OK with being alone in public. In public, we can think that people are whispering about how we’re not coupled up. The truth is nobody cares. Go get groceries, try a new restaurant, walk around a bookstore, or go for a walk. Whatever it is, find peace and freedom in doing it alone.

  1. I want it, I got it!

A popular myth in our society is that women’s lives start when they find their partners and start a family. Your life starts when YOU want it to. Visualization is a big part of this. Make a vision board or goal list but keep it “you oriented.” Some examples to include are your career, health, wardrobe, or apartment. Your future is worth working for, with or without a partner.

  1. What, like it’s hard?

The biggest thing to remember about Valentine’s Day is that it’s just a day. People are still going to work and getting up for classes — life moves on. Your life isn’t defined by how you spend a holiday, but it is defined by how you choose to live life as a whole. Add these tips to your daily routine and find freedom in your independence.