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Getting Involved: Women-Based Organizations on Campus

WRITTEN BY Sarah Williams

As a university student, it is important to become involved on campus. Finding the right organization can allow someone to create friendships, gain knowledge in their future career field and gain networking opportunities. 

Here are a few women-based organizations at UT.

Women of Haslam

Women of Haslam is an organization for female students that specializes in building professional business skills.

They provide networking opportunities, skill improvement workshops and other events to allow the members to grow in their personal and professional lives. 

Elizabeth Harrison, Director of Social Media for Women of Haslam, explained what the reason for their organization was.

“Our organization strives to create a community where women can join, make new friends and be confident in any business setting,” Harrison said.

Click here for the link to their Instagram account. 

Leading Women of Tomorrow

Leading Women of Tomorrow (LWT) is an organization that focuses on empowering women to pursue their dreams and aspirations. 

The organization does this by providing the women with vital resources and a safe space for like-minded women to support each other. 

Savannah Hall, President of the Leading Women of Tomorrow, encouraged young women to join the organization.

“Women should join Leading Women of Tomorrow if they are looking for a way to meet new people and also grow professionally,” Hall said. 

Check out their Instagram account for more information. 

Future Female M.D.s  

Future Female M.D.s (FFMD) is an organization designed for women that wish to become physicians. 

They provide a positive environment for women to achieve their educational goals through networking, friendships and a strong support system. 

The members meet to discuss medically-oriented volunteer opportunities, hear from guest speakers and discuss educational opportunities.  

To learn more about FFMD, click here


NeXxus is an organization that focuses on enhancing professional development for women interested in supply chain management. 

They develop a network of leaders, connect students with elite faculty and employers and host several reputable companies each semester.

Jessica Thomas, President of NeXxus, spoke on the purpose of their organization. 

“NeXxus is a great way to get involved, meet other students in supply chain and prepare for a professional career,” Thomas said.

Click here for more information. 

Law Women

Law Women is an organization that focuses on women’s equality in the legal field. 

They host helpful panels about acing tests and getting job opportunities and have a mentorship for new law students and alumni. 

Rachel Tom-Quinn, President of Law Women, emphasized the inclusion of the organization.

“Our organization is for law students, and we’re made up of students of all genders that care about women’s equality in the legal field,” Tom-Quinn said.

Check out their Instagram account to learn more. 

Delight Ministries 

Delight Ministries is a women’s religious based community that allows women to grow, serve and learn about God together. 

They provide the opportunity for college-aged women at UT to “Delight in the Lord.” Women can come together to learn more about their beliefs and create friendships. 

Delight Ministries offers a retreat, community events and Bible study groups. 

Click here for more information.  

UT has an organization that is perfect for everyone. Many of these organizations focus on the empowerment of women. 

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