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Girls Eat Knox

WRITTEN BY Macy Roberts

We all have experience trying to decide where to eat with our friends, family or significant others. At these times, your closest friends become your largest enemies. Sometimes, we just need some inspiration on some good restaurants. 

Girls Eat Knox is a local food blog that features a variety of restaurants in the Knoxville area. It can be found on instagram under the username @girlseatknox. 

A large selection of foods and drinks are featured on the Instagram blog. From cocktails to ice cream to sandwiches of all sorts, Girls Eat Knox seems to showcase it all.

The first post dates back to December 8th, 2018, and highlights a Laotian soup from Sticky Rice Cafe on Jack Dance Street. Girls Eat Knox posts about many other different ethnic dining options in Knoxville. Examples include multiple Indian, Jamaican and Mexican restaurants.

In addition to ethnic options, Girls Eat Knox posts about some of the most traditional American foods there are. There is plenty of coverage on different types of burgers, fries and shakes that can be found in Knoxville, as well as some general southern-style kitchens.

The blog not only brings attention to local Knoxville restaurants, but they also feature chain restaurants found across the nation. For example, Girls Eat Knox posted about the Reese’s Outrageous Blizzard from Dairy Queen for National Peanut Butter day and the Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks that became known as the “Ariana Grande drink.”

While there is the greatest emphasis on restaurants in the city of Knoxville, Girls Eat Knox also shines light on different restaurants found in the greater East Tennessee area. For example, The Hop’s Drive In was featured on the blog and can be found about half an hour away in the city of Maryville. 

Foods found at festivals and theme parks are often posted about by Girls Eat Knox. Disneyworld and Dollywood parks have been featured a few times, in addition to a carnival held at Foothills Mall in Maryville.

Girls Eat Knox also frequently features foods that are diet-friendly. Restaurants with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options are often noted on the blog, which is incredibly helpful for those who love to eat but have to be specific when doing so.

If you’re ever looking for new restaurants to try in Knoxville, the Girls Eat Knox blog is a great resource to check out. The Instagram page is simple to navigate and pleasantly laid out with highlights featured for easy access to certain topics.

Even if you do not consider yourself much of a “foodie,” your small action of visiting the Girls Eat Knox blog can stimulate the growth of a local female-ran initiative, which is what we at Honey are all about.