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Halloween bops for getting spooky

WRITTEN BY  Lorae Deaton

Witches – Alice Phoebe Lou

The upbeat, pro-witchcraft love song that you didn’t know you needed this Halloween. “Witches” is the kind of bop that makes you want to walk around campus with someone and pretend you’re in a music video — or a movie montage where you look for the perfect Halloween costume with your bestie.

Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

This classic Halloween bop is getting its well-earned moment on TikTok, so get in costume and hop on the trend. Make your own fifteen second horror movie and wonder why Netflix hasn’t hired you to write their next original.

Really Bad Boy – Red Velvet

No Halloween list could be complete without this iconic, modern homage to all those classic horror-themed music videos from the 90’s (looking at you, “Backstreet’s Back”). RBB is the perfect song to play on your way to the costume party of the century, hopefully lit enough to make you forget about finals next month.

Calling All The Monsters – China Anne McClain

We may be working toward our degrees now, but the Disney songs from our childhood go just as hard today as they did in middle school — especially “Calling All The Monsters.” Transport yourself back to 2011 and perform your heart out, because I know you still know the words.

Ghost + Haunted – Beyoncé

Let us never forget the music video so amazing it inspired an actual building: “Ghost” and the song that follows it on the 2013 “Beyoncé” album, “Haunted.” The spooky, minimalist visuals in both videos really compliment the track, and help you feel all those feelings that have been haunting you this fall. 

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Finally, the classic Halloween bop to end all bops. There’s a reason every marching band on the planet plays “Thriller” at October games — your immediate instinct is to bust a move when it plays. Put the music video on the TV, gather your friends and Halloween candy, and have the best dance party since Just Dance 3 came out.