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Happy Home & Head: How to Make Your Dorm Aesthetically Pleasing and Stress-Free

WRITTEN BY McKenna Rhinehart

College life is hard in many ways, but creating an “aesthetic” home does not have to be one of them! Look to these trends to help manage your house and stress during this semester.

1. Mix & Match

The best way to liven up the dullness of dorms is to mix up patterns and textures. Throw together some linen with velvet, clay with greenery or spots with stripes, and let the place come alive with a daring spirit.

2. Colors & Classes

When coming home from a long day of classes, it can feel too exhausting to get anything else done. However, an easy way to keep you and your spirits up is to add some bright colors. Lay out your favorites and find a color scheme that helps your room look its best, and make you feel your best.

3. Memories & Money

When it comes to room décor, it can seem like you need to pay hundreds to get the aesthetic you want. However, the best way to make your place feel like home is to cover it in memories that remind you of that. 

Print out pictures of people or places and stick them all over the walls in whatever pattern you want, making it into a cheap and loving custom wallpaper.

4. Greens & Grades

If your midterm grade has you up worrying instead of imagining a getaway oasis, it might be helpful to surround yourself with some greenery. Plants are known to calm one’s anxiety and help a tiny space to feel much bigger. 

Start small with succulents or flowers, fake or alive, and work your way up.

5. Minimal & Mindful

If college life has your mind spinning, it may be best to keep distractions limited. A simple way to accomplish this at home is through minimal décor or color. For some, a neutral color palette can help with finding calm and avoiding feeling overwhelmed. 

Not to mention, it’s the cheapest way to be on-trend.


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