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Ideal Diamond Cut Based on Your Zodiac Sign

WRITTEN BY Lauren Reid

With the holiday season just around the corner, engagement season is near too. Find out what your ideal diamond cut would be based on your zodiac sign, regardless if your time is near or far.

Aries (MAR 21- APR 19): A pear cut would be great for an Aries. The independent and fearless personality of an Aries matches the uniqueness of the pear shape. The pear shape also symbolizes strong will, empowerment and independence. No coincidence here.

Taurus (APR 20-MAY 20): A Taurus should consider a marquise cut diamond when looking for their perfect ring. Taurus’ have a strong desire for extravagance, so it makes sense for their cut to be that of a marquise style. A marquise is the level of nobility between a count and a duke. This particular shape is also used in jewels in crowns for royals.

Gemini (MAY 21- JUNE 20): Geminis are well known for having two sides to them; their zodiac symbol even represents twins. That’s why an asscher cut is perfect for this sign — it’s similar to both a princess and an emerald cut, giving a Gemini the best of both worlds.

Cancer (JUN 21- JULY 22): Cancers place a high value on their friends and family. An oval represents fertility, rebirth and family. That’s exactly the reason an oval shape would fit a Cancer’s nurturing and empathetic personality.

Leo (JUL 23-AUG 22): Leos are clever, confident and fierce individuals. Their perfect cut would be a radiant cut. This cut is a hybrid shape — think an emerald cut and a round cut crossover. The combination creates a brighter sparkle and draws attention, something Leos never fail to do.

Virgo (AUG 23- SEP 22): Virgo women are self sufficient, upfront and perfectionists. The emerald cut is often worn by those who have a strong sense of self worth and also symbolizes personal clarity. This matches Virgos well, as they always know exactly what they want.

Libra (SEP 23- OCT 22): Libras are lovers. They are charming, romantic and thoughtful individuals. A heart cut symbolizes eternal love, making it undoubtedly the perfect cut for a Libra.

Scorpio (OCT 23- NOV 21): Scorpios are mysterious, enticing and quiet. The trillion cut is known for hiding color and appearing larger than they are. This is perfect for Scorpios because it gives them beauty without the overwhelming attention.

Sagittarius (NOV. 22- DEC 21): Sagittarius’ are loyal, sophisticated and sociable. A round cut is a classic cut that fits a Sagittarius’ personality well. The diamond’s sophistication matches that of the Sagittarius perfectly.

Capricorn (DEC 22- JAN 19): Capricorn women are traditional and organized. A cushion cut diamond would certainly capture these traits of a Capricorn. Today’s cushion cut is modified from an antique diamond shape known as a mine cut. Wearers of this type of cut are those who value tradition, much like a Capricorn.

Aquarius (JAN 20- FEB 18): A princess cut diamond symbolizes an edgy, strong or bold individual. Aquarius’ are just that. A princess cut would compliment an Aquarius’s confident personality.

Pisces (FEB 19- MAR 20): A Pisces’ perfect cut would be a baguette cut. This cut is named after the French word baguette, meaning “long rod.” It first became popular in the 1920s, in the midst of the Art Deco movement. The cut fits perfectly with the movement’s focus on geometric shapes. Wearers of the ring are artistic, classy and respectable — making a Pisces it’s perfect candidate.