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Anti-abortion Demonstrations On Campus: How Far is Too Far?

Autumn Hall, Contributor

4 Knoxville-Based Domestic Violence Resources

Izzy Alexander, Contributor

The Pink Tax and the Price of Femininity

Macy Roberts, Contributor

From Judge to Justice: Kentaji Brown Jackson’s rise to the Supreme Court

Annaliese Spielman, Contributor

Dr. Lori Hart & Healthy Relationships

Mattie Hayden, Contributor

The Not-So-Subtle Harassment of Women in the Gym

Annaliese Spielman, Contributor

The return of the Taliban, a recurring nightmare for women

Autumn Hall, Contributor


UTK’S Distribution Of Vaccines: How Do Students Feel About It?

Emma Coffey, Contributor

Meghan Markle’s Portrayal in Media Represents Absence of Intersectional Feminism

Emma Coffey, Contributor

UTK Students Weigh In on COVID-19 Guidelines

Frances Seiters, Contributor

Importance of Being Politically Active in Current Political Climate

Emma Coffey, Contributor

The Tampon Tax: Should There Be a Sales Tax on Female Hygiene Products?

Emma Coffey, Contributor

Greenwashing in a nutshell: What it is, how to avoid it

Cameron Fox, Contributor

The Pink Tax: What it is and how it can be fixed

Maddy Johnson, Contributor

What can lawmakers do to fix the lack of economic security for women in Tennessee?

Gabby Bellot, Contributor

Being an essential worker in a pandemic: trials, solutions & more!

Carly Goetz, Contributor