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WRITTEN BY Macy Roberts

If you are looking to characterize your dorm or apartment with bohemian flair, then Love Me Knot Designs is certainly a company worth checking out.

Love Me Knot Designs was started by Crystal Dempsey with the intention to “create unique macrame pieces to be enjoyed by everyone” (stated on their etsy shop).  

For those who do not know, macrame is created by taking coarse thread and using knotting techniques to create different geometric shapes and patterns. Macrame is most commonly used to make wall hanging decor that can either hang as decorative pieces themselves or hold items like plants and jars.

Love Me Knot Designs produces pieces of macrame of many different geometric patterns, but there are also specifically shaped pieces to choose from such as rainbows and flowers.

The company also releases seasonal collections, particularly during the holidays. For instance, there is a Christmas Collection that consists of snowflake designs and macrame pieces that can be used as ornaments. 

In relation to its bohemian-inspired aesthetic, Love Me Knot Designs is similar to home decor that can be found at retail stores like Urban Outfitters, which is already quite popular with young adults and the college-aged demographic. 

If you’re a fan of Urban Outfitters decor (as many people are), Love Me Knot Designs might strike your particular interest. When it comes to picking between the two, there are many pros to choosing Love Me Knot Designs over a traditional retail store.

For one, by purchasing local goods rather than mass produced ones, you are directly contributing to your community’s economy in a meaningful, more environmentally-friendly way. Plus, by shopping with Love Me Knot Designs, you are not only contributing to the growth of local business but to the growth of a local female-led business.

If nothing else, it’s common knowledge that Urban Outfitters and stores that sell similar home good products charge a steep price. By shopping Love Me Knot Designs, you are likely spending less money on products comparable to those sold at popular brand-name stores, and your money is making a greater impact.

Pieces by Love Me Knot Designs can be found in-store at Oglewood Avenue and Honeymouth here in Knoxville, located on North Broadway and South Central Street, respectively. If you happen to be in the Raleigh area, you can also find Love Me Knot Designs at City Garden Design in Cary, North Carolina.

On the other hand, if you prefer to browse online, consider looking into the etsy shop: LoveMeKnotDesignsCo. While the etsy shop occasionally takes short breaks, you can take advantage of the opportunity to receive an email notification when the shop is back up and running. 

If you want more details regarding Love Me Knot Designs or want to stay up-to-date with the company, additional information can also be found on their instagram page, @lovemeknotdesigns.