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Mask up: Ethical, Sustainable, Affordable Mask Options

WRITTEN BY Sarah Williams

With much research, it has been shown that masks help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is our role to listen to healthcare officials to lower the curve. 

However, single-use masks are bad for the environment, and reusable masks can often be made unethically, harming the environment or very expensive. 

Here are some ethical, environmentally friendly, affordable and cute mask brands that we recommend.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn produces facemasks with deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabric is the fabric that is left over after producing a garment that cannot be used to produce another. 

By using these to create face masks, Christy Dawn is helping to prevent the waste of these scraps. There are many shopping options at Christy Dawn, but the best deal is the pack of five masks for only $25. 

To find these masks, click here.


Honeymouth is a local business in Knoxville that sells adorable masks and other accessories. One mask can be purchased for $14. 

This business donates 10% of every purchase to different charities, including American Red Cross and Feeding America. By purchasing a mask through Honeymouth, you are supporting a local business during these hard-economic times as well as donating to one of many good causes. 

You can find their website here.

Hyer Goods 

Hyer Goods is a woman-owned business that specializes in selling bags, wallets and masks. These masks are created in the USA from wasted materials, and this helps to minimize the amount of wasted fabric being sent to landfills. 

For every mask sold, Hyer Goods donates a mask to someone in need. One mask can be purchased for $20.

Their products can be found at their website.


Onzie creates what they call “Mindful Masks” which are made from their upcycled active wear material. 

These masks are fashionable, breathable and great for exercising. They have a slit for a filter to be inserted which allows them to become even more protective. 

The proceeds for these masks are donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to help healthcare workers across America. A two-pack of masks is $24. 

Click here for the link to their website.


Target has a wide variety of women’s, men’s and kids’ face masks. These masks are fashionable and easily accessible as well as extremely affordable. 

They cost $2 each, and a two-pack is offered for $4. They are breathable and light weight, and there is a slit for a filter to be added. 

These masks can be found on their website.

Botanica Workshop 

Botanica Workshop is a company that creates face masks with organic cotton. This is a zero-waste operation. 

For every mask bought at full price, Botanica Workshop will donate one face mask to an essential worker. The masks are $7.50 for one or $22.50 for a three-pack. There is free shipping available anywhere in the United States. 

Botanica Workshop’s masks can be accessed here.

These mask brands are just a few of the ethical, sustainable and affordable options available today. When looking for a cute mask, always check to ensure that they are helping the environment or society before purchasin