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Meditation In The Midst of Chaos

WRITTEN BY Faithe Lampe

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a step back. 

Away from the media, the chaos and the constant need to compare yourself to others. Let us just be present, in this moment, in who we are. Let’s accept the fact that we are significant and one out of a billion. Let’s appreciate every breath. 

The beauty of meditation is the fact you learn how to mute the mind chatter. It is a practice as old as time that has proven time and time again to be beneficial for your mind, body and spirit. 

By learning to control your breath, you begin to learn how to wield your way deep into your head space, controlling the influx of chemicals that produce stress. Mental and physical stress are caused by increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This produces many of the harmful effects of stress, such as the release of inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. 

It is good to practice meditation for at least fifteen minutes a day. For beginners, the important component to focus on is your breath. Turn on some relaxing music in a safe space for you. 

Then, see how many breaths you can take without any thoughts creeping in. As you progress in your practice, you will see how it is easier to distance yourself from negative thoughts. You will learn to control and take ownership of your head space and mind set. 

There are many videos online that you can follow if you are still unsure of how meditation works. One YouTuber, Yoga with Adriene, has numerous videos to choose from regarding meditation and yoga practices.

Meditation is so beneficial because it allows you to escape the chaos of reality and enter a world of your own that you control. You are beautifully and wonderfully made and significant. 

This world is your own; seize the day.