You are currently viewing Minecraft YouTube: A Fun, Unique Form of Entertainment For When You Need A Break From The World

Minecraft YouTube: A Fun, Unique Form of Entertainment For When You Need A Break From The World


Life can be stressful. Sometimes you just need to sit down and escape from the world for a little while — but wait — you have already watched everything there is to watch on Netflix. 

Well, look no further. Minecraft YouTube is a criminally underrated form of entertainment, and here are a couple of reasons why you should watch it.


When you think of Minecraft YouTube, you might think, “why would I want to watch people build stuff out of blocks?” 

But that only scratches the surface. 

There are creators who play minigames like Bedwars, creators who play on elaborate multiplayer servers with fellow creators, creators who code the game to change certain aspects, creators who try to beat the game as fast as they can and so on. There is so much to see.

Content creators

Many popular content creators have been able to make a career out of Minecraft for a reason — because they are entertaining and unique. 

Do not forget about smaller creators, though. While the big creators have great content, small creators have so much to offer that people haven’t seen yet. It’s especially important to support female, POC and LGBTQ+ creators in such a white male dominated profession. 

Funny, creative, smart, loud, comforting, strategic — you name it. In the Minecraft YouTube community, there is a creator for everyone.


Something that has arisen in the most recent wave of Minecraft popularity is the crazy amount of creativity. 

Creators are constantly coming up with new ways to entertain their audiences. For instance, Dream with his Minecraft Manhunts, Tommyinnit with his exuberant energy, Hannah Rose with her insane Bedwars strategies and Wilbur Soot with his uncanny ability to make everything into a story.

Endless content

Minecraft YouTube is quite the rabbithole; it can keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Between the videos that are already there and the constant stream of new content, you don’t have to worry about what you will do when it’s over like you do with your favorite Netflix series, because there is no end in sight.

Dream SMP

The Dream SMP is a Minecraft server where a bunch of popular creators play the game together. 

The people on the server have worked hard to make what was at first just another server into something more like a TV show. There is politics, friendship, wars and extremely dynamic and complex characters. 

With almost a year of plot so far, and what can be seen as multiple seasons, the creativity of this group of creators has turned into something addicting. 

So, now that you know what Minecraft YouTube has to offer, next time you are looking for something to get your mind off of your stress, head on over to YouTube and enjoy the creativity these creators have to offer.