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Pandemic Cannot Stop Pride Center: The Show Must Go On

WRITTEN BY Caitlyn Smith

While the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, UT’s Pride Center has still made an effort to reach out and support students.

Jinx Atter is a fourth year information sciences student at UT who has noticed the Pride Center’s outreach. 

“The Pride Center has mostly held virtual events and distanced gatherings to stay connected with the LGBTQ+ community on campus. They have still been able to provide virtual resources … resource packets, supplies and shirts/pride swag,” Atter said.

Not to mention, the Pride Center just recently made the move from Melrose Hall to its new location on the third floor in the Student Union. While it is not yet open for visitors, students are encouraged to stop by and say hello.

“The Pride Center has been doing its best to adjust to the pandemic and support students, though being in the middle of a move, the social space has shut down and moved to Discord until it is safe for the space to open again in person,” Atter said. 

Discord is an online service that many students use to chat and connect. After first downloading Discord, students can join their server here

Recent events have included an LGBTQ+ student social as well as a Queer Yoga session, both held over Zoom. If you happened to miss these, never fear! There will be another social held on April 7 and another yoga session on April 13.

Other upcoming events include the LGBTQ+ Reading Group Discussions that will be held on April 6-7 over Zoom. The 2021 spring read is “Juliet Takes a Breath” by Gabby Rivera. Make sure to register ahead of time. 

There is also a short Plant Parenthood Workshop being held on March 24 in the Student Union Courtyard. 

The Pride Center’s biggest event of the year is coming up on April 21. Lavender Graduation is a commencement ceremony held at the end of every April to celebrate LGBTQ+ students and allies’ accomplishments. If you wish to RSVP to this event or register as a graduate, click here

If you are looking for weekly involvement, the Pride Center offers weekly Gaymerz meetings every Friday from 6:30-8:30 p.m. EST over Discord. Gaymerz is an LGBTQ+ inclusive gaming student organization. Students are welcome to join and connect in this relaxed space.

Remember Hunnies, you can view the Pride Center’s full schedule for events here.

There is something for everyone.