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Save Lives, Save Money: How to Reinvent Old Clothes

WRITTEN BY: Carly Goetz

As COVID-19 becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, living safer and smarter seems to be the norm. 

Social distancing and new regulations continue — making fun trips to the mall and shopping a bit more challenging. Shopping online is definitely not the same as in person, but don’t worry. There are opportunities to switch up your wardrobe without having to buy any new clothes.

From tie dyeing, to tying knots, to adding new fabric, there is always hope for turning your old clothes new again. 

The old clothes will gain a fresh new life, and the good news is that one won’t have to spend much money. All one will need is a few supplies and a positive mindset. 

Tie a knot

Up first has been one of my go-to’s in fashion that I didn’t realize until now how simple it is, and how I can use this with all of my shirts. 

This trick will turn one plain shirt to one that screams chic. It is also nice because it keeps your shirt fitted and doesn’t need to be ironed every time one uses it. All that is needed for this trick is to use some scissors to cut a line straight down the center no more than halfway and then tie a knot. 

It’s that easy, and still looks super cute. 

Morph old leggings into new crop tops

A newer way to get fresh crop tops is from some leggings that have already lived their life. 

As crop tops become more and more popular, there is a simple way to create crop tops out of leggings. Fold the leggings in half and make a small cut with fabric scissors on the crotch part. This will turn your leggings into a super cute long-sleeved crop top. 

This crop top can be adjusted with the size of the cut, and if the long sleeves are not what you want, you can cut the sleeves as well. The ball is in your court. 

Blouse crop top

Button and tie a blouse shirt to form a crop top. 

A blouse, deemed fancy and serious, can be turned into a fun cropped shirt. It is possible to do this by leaving the buttons on the bottom undone to tie a knot. This will give the cropped look.

To make it even more fun, leave the top button undone. This new way of wearing the shirt is perfect for posting on Instagram. 

Tote bag from t-shirt

This one is super creative and is a good two-in-one. 

First, fold the shirt in half and cut sleeves off along the seam. Then, unfold the shirt and cut a large “U” around the neckline for the purse look. 

After that, turn the shirt inside out, go to the bottom of the shirt and cut skinny 3-4 inch fringes. After cutting the fringes along the shirt, tie the fringes together (each side of the shirt together). 

Tip: for a stronger bag, it is smart to make multiple knots. After tying all these knots, one can cut off the leftovers. Next, turn the shirt inside out. Voila. 

Tie dye 

The coolest thing to do with old white shirts is to tie dye them. 

One can be super creative and loud with colors, and it totally creates a new shirt. The first step is to pick the shirt you want to use and place it in cold water for some time (usually over an hour should do). Next, place the shirt flat and twist the shirt in a spiral (for the spiral effect) or crumble it randomly (for an ordinary tie dye). 

After folding and crumbling the shirt, hold the balled-up shirt with rubber bands to keep it tight. Once you have tied up the shirt, bring out the colored dyes and place dye all over the shirt. Then, let the shirt sit overnight, and the next day place the shirt in the washer machine. 

After taking it out of the washing machine, your creation will be all complete. 

There is no need to throw old clothes away when there is so much potential. You can revitalize your wardrobe without breaking the bank, and it can bring out some of your creativity.