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Saving earth, saving hair: Eco-friendly hair salon Culture Hair Studio makes a difference in Knoxville

WRITEN BY Sarah Williams

Whether you enjoy natural, wild, short or long hair, we all love to go to the hair salon and make a change. However, this is sometimes damaging to both our hair and the world we live in. 

Culture Hair Studio is a locally owned business that goes above and beyond to make an impact in the community. They specialize in providing hair services that are not damaging to either your hair or the environment. 

Hair studios can easily be damaging to the environment in many ways. Kaylee Dyer, a colorist at Culture Hair Studio, explains the importance of an environmentally friendly hair salon. 

“At the shop, we choose to use ethically sourced hair color and products from companies that are … PETA approved and packaged and shipped in the most sustainable ways,” Dyer said. 

Many hair dyes and products are tested on different types of animals. This can cause the animals major harm in various ways, including burns, blindness and poisoning. Culture Hair Studio uses products that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) approve to be non-harmful to animals. 

It is also important to note that Culture Hair Studio strives to order and use only products that are not packaged and shipped in environmentally harmful ways such as containing extra plastic and being shipped through pollution-filled methods. 

Hair studios can also impact the environment through their cleaning methods, laundry procedures and disposing of toxic chemicals and dyes. 

“We also take steps in the shop directly to make a difference such as avoiding putting color directly down the drain to avoid spreading it to our water, properly recycling everything we use and … choosing smarter products for laundry, cleaning supplies [and] client beverages …” Dyer said. 

Many hair products and dyes contain sulfates, which are infamous for stripping hair of its natural oils, making hair extremely dry and scalps prone to irritation. Culture does not use products containing sulfates; therefore, the hair of clients is not damaged. 

Everyone can admit that understanding the environmental impact from your hair salon is extremely important. This can sometimes be hard to find out though. Dyer offers advice for those who are interested in making a change. 

“I highly encourage anyone interested [in helping the environment through a hair salon] to talk to a stylist who should be able to provide information on what their salon is doing to practice green beauty,” Dyer said. 

Asking your favorite stylist at your go-to salon about the ways that they are helping the environment could tell you how your new color or cut will affect the planet we live on. This also offers the opportunity to inspire other salons to become more environmentally conscious. 

Dyer spoke about the investment and work it takes to work at an eco-friendly salon. 

“Going green as a salon does not have to be a huge investment and is very practical. Small steps make a huge difference over time, and in the long term you will see the value of making eco practices a priority,” Dyer said. 

It is not difficult for a hair salon to make small choices that will make a huge difference, not only for the health of the clients, but also for the health of the planet. 

“If you need a haircut or color, choosing to go to a salon that makes better choices is always going to be the better choice for what’s going into your body and what’s going into the earth,” Dyer said.