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Six Recipes for College Students on a Budget

WRITTEN BY Annaliese Spielman

Cooking is one of the least glamorous experiences in college. If you live on campus, there’s a good chance your only access to a kitchen is in a communal space. Most off-campus apartments aren’t much better, giving you little cabinet space and a pocket-sized fridge. 

Grocery shopping is an even larger ordeal, pushing many students to opt towards the frozen meal aisle or skipping the store altogether and eating out.

One of the best places to start cooking on a budget is online recipes. 

Sites such as Taste of Home and Eating Well provide plenty of recipes to fit anybody’s budget. These recipes can also be modified based on what you have left over or what your taste preferences happen to be.

Compiled below is a list of six breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes with easy prep and universal ingredients.

Peanut Butter Banana English Muffins

This recipe is great because of how versatile you can make it. Instead of a banana, you can substitute it with any type of fruit or other toppings. 

English muffins are a personal favorite, however, you could switch your base out with the bagel of your choice.

Rise and Shine Parfait: 

This recipe is for meal-preppers. It’s as simple as mixing some of your favorite fruit and granola toppings into a cup of yogurt. The recipe suggests peaches and granola cereal. 

This is an easy recipe you can make in bulk and snack on throughout the week.

Turkey Apricot Wraps: 

These Turkey Apricot Wraps are fast and easy with minimal preparation needed. These ingredients could be mixed and matched with others to make a multitude of wraps. Or, trade in the tortilla for your preferred bread type and make it into a sandwich.

Tomato Avocado Sandwiches: 

Speaking of sandwiches, these are the perfect blend of easy and tasty ingredients. Leftover hummus could be a great snack with pita chips or leftover vegetables. This is also a great option for vegetarians to get in those healthy calories.

Greek Salad Wraps:

The ingredients for this recipe are a little more specific, but one could always pick and choose what they prefer to use. This recipe could also be reworked to fit ingredients from the other recipes, or even modified to follow the name and make a salad instead.

Zucchini Mushroom Bake: 

This is probably the most complex recipe on the list, but it’s perfect for the college student interested in a cheap cooking challenge. That being said, the ingredient list is extremely short and the combined prep and cook time is still less than an hour.

Take these – and all – recipes with a grain of salt. Half the fun comes from mixing and matching similar ingredients to what fits your taste buds best. 

However, planning will always be key. Factor in when you’ll have time to stop by a grocery store. If you know it’s going to be a busy week, prepare easy snacks and meals that you can heat up quickly or grab on the go. 

Cooking doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems after all.