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Snacking 101: The Worst and Best Snacks For Your Zoom Calls

Carly Goetz

Eating is an essential to life, which means snacks are included.

It’s easy to fall into the category of eating some junk food to feed our sweet or salty tooth, but there is for sure a way to make a compromise. Many of us are trying to be cheap and buy things we like, but it is also good to keep in mind that different snacks will benefit us in different ways. 

There are definitely such things as bad snacks, though. It is time to address what category one might fall in, and how one can be better. 

Out of a survey from young adults ranging from 18 years old to 30 years old, the results were pretty consistent. Chips and salty foods are most popular by far. 

There is a small amount who eat healthier, but overall, goldfish, chips and salt-filled snacks are what most munch on in their time off. After research, though, there is evidence that a lot of the popular snacks people choose are in fact not good for you at all and are full of calories. 

Here are the worst and best snacks for your Zoom calls.

The Bad Stuff:

Baked chips and potato chips

Contrary to popular belief, baked chips are not good for you. 

These processed chips might seem better since they are baked, but they contain little fat, so you end up eating way too much without feeling full and as a result, you raise your blood sugar. 

This has no benefit, because it causes you to gain weight and does not lessen your hunger. 

Potato chips act just the same. They have no nutritional value, they are high in fat, low in fiber, and are a food you’ll eat a lot of, yet still feel hungry. 


Pretzels are similar because they are considered to have no nutrients, so it is just a raise in blood sugar and makes you hungrier. No wonder you end up eating the whole bag.

Veggie Straws 

It’s strange because it has the word veggie in it, but they in fact have no nutrients in them. They might be healthier than regular chips, but if you want something healthy, go the full mile and eat real vegetables. 

Store-bought smoothies 

As appealing as smoothies and fruit juices are, they aren’t always the best option for getting your fruits in. Sure, homemade smoothies are good, but the smoothies bought at the store usually contain added sugars to make it taste better. 

It is a good intent, but these products usually add so much extra calories that it is no longer as healthy as one might think. The best option is to eat real fruit as opposed to the sugary smoothie with fruit mixed in.

Granola Bars

Many think that granola bars are healthy, but they are not as healthy as they appear. Depending on the ingredients on the label, these usually have a lot of sugar with little protein and fiber. 

There are certainly better alternatives to these unhealthy snacks, though.

The Good Stuff:

Dried fruit 

For a sweeter option, these fruits beat your chips or candy. They’re sweet depending on what fruit you pick and are nutritious. 

Peanut butter or almond butter 

These are high in protein and fiber and will also keep you full. It is a healthier option that won’t have you eating for days. 

Also, if you don’t like vegetables or fruit, you can add this to your fruit and vegetables to make them taste a bit better.

Low sodium nuts 

Americans are known to be addicts to salty foods, but there is such a thing as too much salt. Going for the option with lower sodium levels is the smart thing to do. 

Trail mix 

Trail mix is very versatile and you can make your own. You can add some of the healthier options and also include your not-so-healthy food so you can be more motivated to eat it. It’s okay to start out slow.

Altogether, snacks are made to keep you fueled to persevere, so it’s good to be smart about what you choose. However, we like what we like, so going easy on yourself now and then is not going to hurt.