You are currently viewing Spring Break Feels: An Indie, Upbeat Playlist to Enjoy The Warming Weather

Spring Break Feels: An Indie, Upbeat Playlist to Enjoy The Warming Weather

WRITTEN BY Caitlyn Smith

We might not be getting a spring break this year, hunnies, but don’t let that get you down. 

Here is a playlist guaranteed to give you the mental break you deserve. Check it out here, the playlist including all of the songs listed here along with numerous other excellent tracks.

“Lost” – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is known for his visionary lyrics and unique sound. In “Lost,” Ocean is sure to take you away with his dreamy lyrics about getting lost in travel and adventure.

“Watermelon Sugar” – Harry Styles 

Harry Styles’ warm voice and sensuous lyrics in “Watermelon Sugar” will make you want to go outside and dance in the sunshine. You’ve been warned.

“These Days” – Wallows

Remember Clay from 13 Reasons Why? Well, check out his rock band. “These Days” is in Wallows’ top five songs on Spotify.

“Chemicals” – SG Lewis

“Chemicals” is a funky, dreamy sounding tune written and performed entirely by SG Lewis himself. It is his top song on Spotify.

“Put Your Records On” – Ritt Momney

Ritt Momney is an indie-rock band with 9,650,374 monthly Spotify listeners. Their cover of “Put Your Records On” is their number one song on Spotify.

“Tangerine” – Glass Animals 

Glass Animals is an alternative/indie band with 15,496,484 monthly Spotify listeners known for their experimental sound and emotional depth. “Tangerine” is their fourth top song on Spotify.

“OTW” – Khalid

Khalid has a way of connecting with younger generations through his lyrics about youth and growing up. Hop in your car, roll your windows down, and turn this one up.

“NO FUN” – Joji

This is a really fun, upbeat song about not having friends around. Give it a try.

“Is It True” – Tame Impala 

“Is It True” is from Tame Impala’s new 2020 album, “The Slow Rush.” He has 14,418,414 monthly Spotify listeners.

“Astronaut” – Sir Sly

Sir Sly is a growing electronic pop group based in L.A with 1,181,775 monthly Spotify listeners. “Astronaut” is their fourth top song on Spotify.

“Up” – Cardi B, Doja Cat

This song is a chart topper featuring two showstoppers, Cardi B and Doja Cat. It is Cardi B’s number two song on Spotify.

“Summertime Sadness” – Lana Del Rey

This Rey classic is meant for warm nights and spring break vibes. Not to mention, there’s a certain sadness to not having a spring break.