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Staying Engaged with Events on Zoom

WRITTEN BY Lauren Reid

When Zoom made its debut during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it immediately was taken in as a close cousin to Skype or FaceTime. Now that it’s been around and in use for almost two years, it’s clear Zoom is here to stay.

Zoom can support all sorts of events whether it’s reuniting with family, life events, professional meetings or entertainment. Zoom has helped make a living in a pandemic-ridden world a little more bearable, as well as keeping communities safe. 

Though the possibilities are endless, here are a few types of events that work well on Zoom.

Gender reveal parties

A lot of couples couldn’t stand being six-feet apart, especially if a baby was on the way. Zoom came in clutch by safely gathering people together for virtual gender reveal parties. 

Sorority Recruitment

Many schools participated in sorority recruitment online last fall. Zoom’s breakout room feature made one-on-one conversations easy.

Speed dating

Breakout rooms also are great for this type of event. If you hate how it’s going, it’s easy to leave the breakout room and be assigned to another.

Career Fairs

Many 2021 seniors experienced the career fair virtually last year. Nerves were probably less intense while being able to wear a button down and pajamas pants for a virtual interview. 

Mental health check-ups and Telehealth

Lots of therapists, psychiatrists and counselors have been hosting their appointments online with their patients. Talking to your therapist without leaving your bed? Sounds nice to me. 

Family events

It’s easy to get everyone together for meaningful events through Zoom. Some high school seniors have held college acceptance letter parties over Zoom. Families from all over can gather to celebrate life events and more.


At the start of the pandemic, a lot of music concerts went online. Friends gathered in small settings to watch their favorite artists perform on a Zoom call. Feminist EDM artist Alison Wonderland is an example of an artist who performed virtually for their fans.


A lot of companies have resorted to using Zoom for interviewing prospective employees, making virtual interviews the new norm as the pandemic continues.