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The Coffee Shop Crawl

WRITTEN BY Mattie Hayden

As a college student, caffeine is necessary – that is unless you have superpowers. The neverending list of assignments, projects, quizzes and tests have college students everywhere camping out at their favorite study spots. 

During midterms, the library may be crowded and loud, so that means migrating to a favorite local coffee shop. 

Here at Honey Magazine, we have put together not only our favorite coffee shops, but also our favorite drinks. Let’s call it “the coffee shop crawl.” 

Whether you are buzzing from your third cup of coffee or physically crawling out of bed in desperation of caffeine, we got you. 

KBrew: a classic Knoxville favorite with multiple locations near campus. It is always bustling, so it may be difficult to find a spot. However, there are comfortable swings and great bagels.

New favorite drink is the Golden Coconut Chai Latte. Tastes like drinking sunshine on the beach. If you want to keep Spring Break alive, try this drink.

Honeybee Coffee Company curates great vibes and provides lots of natural lighting. The closest one is in South Knoxville, about five minutes from campus. Go here if you want to feel like the independent young adult you are. 

As their name suggests, try their honey lavender latte. Mentally, you will be frolicking through a field of flowers, but physically, you will be cramming for your psychology exam.

CapyBara is a very underrated coffee shop and so close to campus – right next to Publix. There are lots of seating and charging outlets. 

The coffee drink of choice is the white macadamia iced coffee, best with oat milk. It fulfills all sweet tooth desires. Exactly like a cookie in a cup.

Jacks has lots of plants and gifts. It gives you the endorphins you need for the day. 

The classic drink of Jacks is the rose latte. Refreshing and sweet, it will have you wanting another before you leave. Pairs nicely with a fresh baked good from Soul Flour Bake House.

Golden Roast has one location on the strip and another just a five minute drive from campus. This coffee shop provides delicious drinks without breaking your bank account. 

Try the Kookaburra latte – a chocolate delight. This liquid caffeinated dessert will give you the study boost you need.