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The signs as face masks: Crocheted, artistic, floral


In this time where face masks are a necessity whenever you go out in public, it’s important to be able to express yourself through your mask. While living through a pandemic is difficult and strange, why not have fun with the things we can control?

Below are masks that represent the essence of each zodiac sign.


Aries are typically very optimistic, confident people. This bright, fun mask is perfect for an Aries to express their personality. Check it out here.


This cute, simple embroidered mask is reliable and earthy, just like a Taurus. This mask can be found here in multiple different colors.


This lemon mask perfectly captures the vivid personality of a Gemini. Like lemons, Geminis can be a little overwhelming at times, but they add essential flavor to life. 

Supporting small businesses is super important right now, so get yours here on Etsy. 


This floral patterned mask perfectly captures the emotional yet down to earth personalities that Cancers possess. 

On top of the pretty pattern, when you buy this mask, $1 will be donated to the No Hungry Kid campaign, so grab yours here.


Leos are bold and love to stand out, and what better way to stand out than to wear sequins on your face? Get this unconventional mask here.


This mask covered in an array of greenery represents the neat and sophisticated side of this earth sign and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. You can find it here


Libras are typically laid-back, peaceful people, but they have a tendency to be indecisive. A neutral mask is perfect for them because it is simple yet elegant. Click here to get yours. 


Scorpios are known for being passionate but expressing their emotions in unusual ways. While silk is an unusual fabric choice for a mask, it somehow works and is very fitting for Scorpios. Click here to get this mask. 


Sagittarians are very adventurous and open to change, and butterflies are often used to represent change. This mask is the perfect match for them. Click here to get your own.


Capricorns are a classic black face mask. The mysteriousness of a plain black mask is enough to make any capricorn say “I like it; it makes me feel like an assassin.” You can find this reusable, washable face mask in black or various other colors here.


This tie-dye mask made of upcycled 100% cotton perfectly captures the free spirit of an aquarius. 10% of proceeds go towards curing childhood cancer, and it can also be purchased in yellow. Check it out here.


Pisces are known to be a very artistic sign, and these crocheted masks are extremely artistic and creative. You can buy one of these cute, comfy masks here

Did you like the mask that represents your sign? If not, take a look at the other signs for some inspiration, and remember to wear a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19.