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The Women’s Network

WRITTEN BY Lauren Reid

The Women’s Network is the largest collegiate network for women in the United States. It’s established on 142 different campuses across the nation, with 30,000+ members. Its goal is to create a non-competitive, supportive, uplifting community for women to network in. The network wants to give women the tools and connections they need in order to be professionally successful. The best part? The Women’s Network is currently being established at The University of Tennessee. 

Jamie Vinick, founder of the network, was in college at Syracuse University and pursuing a major in business when a guest speaker came to one of her freshman classes. She was fascinated by the speaker’s success, being that she was a woman in a male-dominated career field: banking. During the lecture, there were no questions in regard to the challenges women face in the workforce. As she left the lecture hall feeling intimidated, Vinick realized there were no organizations on campus that faced these female-specific experiences head on, and thus, The Women’s Network was born. 

The mission to recruit members from UTK’s campus started this past summer. College women, members and execs alike, from various universities reached out to female UTK students through instagram direct messages, explaining the network, what it meant to them, and encouraging the students to join. Application links were sent out individually, filled out, reviewed, and members were selected before the end of September.

UTK’s chapter left their application link in their instagram bio in addition, @thewomensnetwork_UTknox, in case any other students wanted to apply to join. Once accepted, members are invited to join a facebook group specific to the network– giving access to all other 30,000+ members. Members of the facebook group have access to internship information and opportunities through hundreds of companies, creates connections nationwide, and is filled with women supporting and encouraging other women. 

Now, they are in the process of creating a magazine to keep its members up to date on all things TWN UTK. Current members that are students are able to be a part of this magazine and help create it, giving these members great experience for their resumes. A student led podcast is also up and running, known as Redefining Ambition. 

To join The Women’s Network, help establish the network here on campus, or be a student ambassador, head over to their instagram’s linktree @thewomensnetwork_UTknox.