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Top 5 Upcoming Summer Movies: Movie Musicals, Live-Action Remakes

WRITTEN BY Alexa Fernandes

When is the last time you have been to the movies? Has it been over a year? Do you constantly miss movie theatre popcorn, candy, comfy seats, surround sound, etc.? 

If the answer is yes, here are 5 upcoming movie premieres that you do not want to miss going into the summer season.


“Voyager” premiered April 9, but it is just too good not to talk about. 

This movie sets the scene of what life will be like in the future where children are born into isolation to train for life in space without traditional families. 

Their emotions have been suppressed since they were born, until one day when the voyagers figure out what they have been missing out on normal lives. Make sure to go see this thriller while it is still in theaters.


Remember Cruella DeVille from Disney’s “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”? Coming May 28, the story of Cruella will be coming to theaters and on Disney+ in a live remake starring Emma Stone. I

Be sure to take this opportunity to learn about Cruella’s story to help put your childhood fears of Ms. DeVille to rest.

“In The Heights” 

Are you in need of some inspiration? This movie is for you. 

This music-filled, feel-good movie sets the scene of people going through hardships to achieve their dreams. Its musical adaptation written by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, “In The Heights” creates a diverse plot of all different types of people coming together to empower one another to make their fantasies become a reality with fun dance numbers and deep storylines.

This movie is guaranteed to stay in your heart for weeks, so make sure to come out June 16 to your local movie theater.

“Fast and Furious 9” 

On June 25, Vin Diesel and his crew are back to bring viewers the epic action movie they have been waiting for all year. 

“Fast and Furious 9” incorporates all the great thrilling aspects that will leave audiences exhilarated as they leave the theater. This movie focuses on the gang coming back together and having to deal with the past they have been speeding away from. 

Get ready for lots of plot twists to keep you on your toes as you try to sit back and enjoy the newest “Fast and Furious” ride.


The classic story of Cinderella is coming back to the big screen in July 2021 starring Camila Cabello. This story will give you all your fairytale feels with a twist of it being a musical romantic comedy. Get ready to see this new rendition and witness Camila Cabello’s acting debut.

Make sure to grab your friends, your favorite candy and some comfy clothes for your next trip to the theater this summer.