You are currently viewing We Stan Feminism: A Look on Some of The Most Female-Empowered Magazines of Today

We Stan Feminism: A Look on Some of The Most Female-Empowered Magazines of Today

WRITTEN BY Carly Goetz

Looking throughout history, media has grown astronomically. 

The volume keeps getting louder and louder. From the beginning where women could not even voice an idea for an article, to now where there are increasingly more and more female, feminist and LGBTQ inspired outlets, the journalists of today are evolving for the better. 

Below are some thought provoking, independent female magazines that highlight important issues.


“Gal Dem” promotes women of color and contains a wide variety of intelligent, interesting essays that welcome underrepresented voices. 

They have a print and online access. This magazine is unique because it values colored women and is intimate while also inspiring. 

Mary Review 

“Mary Review” is a source of diverse, unique storytelling that brings to life many untold stories. 

They focus heavily on many unnoticed women, which is definitely a reason to support them. A picture is worth a thousand words, and their photo series were extremely successful as well. 

Sabat Magazine 

“Sabat” is an iconic, fascinating magazine that explores women empowerment and is essentially for the wild witches of today. 

Along with tackling women empowerment, they include some content on witchcraft and of the occult. No potion can withhold their enticing content.

Girls Club 

“Girls Club” is a small female-based magazine, exclusive to just girls that has a mix of some DIY mixes and some references to the iconic punk generation. 

This magazine is humorous, fresh and professional. Also, it is very female-based and its “small-like format” allows room for unheard voices that bring to light female confessions with no shame.  


“Sukeban,” which translates to “boss girl” or “delinquent girl,” speaks greatly to what this magazine is about. 

It finds room for sisterhood in supporting women in creative industries, where not much support or praise is given. This is a place to feel included and share experiences with others, as to not feel alone. 

There are brave, confident voices that are meant to inspire and show who’s boss. Who runs the world? GIRLS.


“Lyra” is a more modern and trendier magazine that tackles on what’s going on today in the world on the side of the female. It takes national and global issues with the female’s perspective that takes on a bold voice.


With many magazines taking on soft news, “Womankind” is different to say the least. They focus on self, identity and having meaning. 

“Womankind” brings culture, philosophy, nature, and creativity to life as a way to encourage readers to live more meaningful lives. Men don’t have to be the only ones making breakthroughs in the media. 

However, one unique aspect to “Womankind” is the tea they produced. What better way to spill the tea than with the “Womankind” tea?

Girls Like Us 

“Girls Like Us” is an active magazine that incorporates art, culture, and activism in its content. They focus on personal stories and even some graphic design to bring about ways to question future ways to live. 

This is a futuristic magazine that questions life and how women can tackle anything life throws at them.


“BBY” is a feminist magazine that challenges male-dominated areas of design and art. “BBY” counters the men-support-men aspect of media and instead uplifts women to bring other women up. 

One issue that remains is women being heard, so this magazine tackles on this phenomenon to uplift women and challenge the traditions of only men being heard. This magazine encourages women in such a positive way that cannot be beat. 


This very popular iconic magazine is great for including female-related issues that not even traditional female magazines include. 

They have the inside scoop of what it means to be a woman, and this inside perspective of deeper female issues encourages women to not be afraid to be a woman and voice opinions publicly. This magazine is empowering as it encourages women to not be afraid and to embrace one’s womanhood.

Altogether, these magazines stray from the norms in society and tackle on important issues, embrace feminisms, uplift other women and encourage sisterhood. 

Staying true to feminism is a new breakthrough that is important for making more steps to gender equality, and the activism and thought-evoking content these women display are to prove that women are strong, intelligent and are worth more than gold. 

The long traditions of men only being heard need to be broken, and these magazines along with many others showcase the need for women to be heard.