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Sweatpants For Each Zodiac Sign

WRITTEN BY Chanel Briones

The pandemic has caused all of us to have more time at home, meaning we are more likely to wear something comfortable rather than something ready for a night out on the town. However, that doesn’t mean our comfort outfits can’t be cute.

There is something for everyone, and each Zodiac sign craves a different vibe for their leisurely at-home outfits. Here are the different types of sweatpants each Zodiac sign should wear during their time at home.


Aries’s fiery and energetic personality perfectly fits in these GymShark Pippa Joggers. Not only are they the head of the zodiac signs, but their dynamic personality also makes them the head of the pack and these sweatpants will get them there.


Reliable and practical, you Taurus will be wearing the classic Gildan Grey Sweatpants, a pair that stands the test of time. You can always count on it, just like we can always count on you.


This pair perfectly speaks to your duality, Gemini. White or brown? You look great in both, so ¿por qué no los dos?


Your tenacious and highly imaginative personality needs a pair that flexes these strengths. What better to showcase that than the Urban Outfitters Out From Under Kya printed fleece joggers?


Times are tough, and Leo, you need to do what you do best and TREAT YO SELF. What better way to treat yourself than to get some cashmere sweatpants? So sit back, relax, and quarantine in your casual cashmere.


Hardworking and practical, you need something that is designed to move and the stretchy and ribbed side panel joggers are something to surely catch your detail-oriented eye.


Your harmonic and fair minded personality needs a pair that looks sleek and balanced. These Adidas x Zoe Saldana collection joggers will make you look social and gracious during all of your diplomatic encounters.


Passionate and assertive, you need sweatpants that vibe with your determined and decisive personality. These Lululemon Dance Studio Joggers will help you express your emotion and determination.


The Girlfriend Collective Track Pant is in every Sagittarius’s closet, and if it’s not in their closet, it’s on their wishlist. A Sagittarius’s adventurous soul knows no bounds and they need a pair that will get them through even the toughest terrain.


Capricorn, the pandemic has not slowed down your persistent go-getter personality at all. You need something that pairs well with a nice blazer and your favorite work heels. 


Being the natural humanitarians that they are, Aquarians need a cause they can be champions of. The Girlfriend Collective makes their clothes from recycled fabrics, water bottles, and even recycled GC clothing. 

That’s right, Aquarians, when you’re done with your first pair, send back your old one and they will make an entirely new piece for someone else and you get a discount on your next purchase. 


Your friendly and selfless personality needs to come home to something cozy after a long day of providing friends with some emotional support. This fleece lined pair of sweatpants will keep you just as warm as your gentle personality keeps all of us.