What To Wear When You Have Nothing Else To Wear

What To Wear When You Have Nothing Else To Wear

WRITTEN BY Karlen Kardoush

Have you ever found yourself searching through your closet full of clothes, while at the same time feeling like you had nothing to wear?

It is very possible that you have felt as if you had “nothing to wear” because you were purchasing statement pieces that would easily go out of style and you would easily grow tired of. 

Statement pieces include bright colored clothing, busy designs and one-time wears. In contrast, it is likely you have a need for neutral, staple pieces. 

Also, people oftentimes buy clothing items without longevity in mind; they only think of what is trendy in the moment and not about which items will be timeless.

There are many clothing items that never seem to go out of style, and the first of these is denim.

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans and a good pair of jean shorts. Once you find denim that you like and fits you well, the rest comes easy. 

Two excellent denim brands include American Eagle and Agolde. Agolde is a little pricier; however, their denim is organic, sustainable and made with reduced energy and water consumption. Jeans are a trustworthy go-to when you feel like you have run out of all options.

Along with denim, you simply cannot go wrong with neutral colors. Neutrals are great because you can mix and match them with so many different clothing items.

Pair your denim with a simple, neutral colored top such as white, black, grey or nude. Tucking in your shirt will add a little shape and make the outfit look more put-together and sophisticated. 

Then, add a denim, leather or corduroy jacket or blazer. Simple sweaters will work, too, and it seems that everyone is loving turtlenecks for the winter season to pair with skirts and underneath dresses. 

Simple dresses and skirts are also a good go-to during the warmer months also.

Lastly, add a pair of black or nude boots, sneakers, sandals or even heels. 

Adding accessories is also a huge plus to a simple outfit such as hats, sunglasses, jewelry and handbags. Wearing gold jewelry with a simple outfit is always a great look, as gold is classy and sophisticated, and Amazon has a wide selection of inexpensive pieces.

One piece of advice would be to simply get creative. There are probably numerous outfit combinations you already have in your closet. 

The first step is to completely Marie Kondo your closet and clean out anything that does not “spark joy.” After doing this, you can sell or donate the clothes you do not want (meaning extra money for new, better clothes) and you will be able to see what you have left over to work with.

There are plenty of YouTube videos giving advice on how to figure out what to wear when you are at a loss for outfit ideas, so a simple search can help tremendously for inspiration.

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