You are currently viewing Which Honey Editor Are You? Take this quiz to find out!

Which Honey Editor Are You? Take this quiz to find out!


Take this quiz to find out which Honey Editor you relate to most!

What’s your go-to accessory?

  • A) A denim jacket 
  • B) A cute headband 
  • C) A beanie 
  • D) A big smile 
  • E) I just love statement pieces

What’s your dream date?

  • A) Anywhere as long as I’m with the right person 
  • B) A chill day with music
  • C) A hiking trip
  • D) Travelling 
  • E) Thrift shopping

What color do you relate to the most?

  • A) Yellow 
  • B) Orange 
  • C) Purple 
  • D) Green 
  • E) Blue 

Where would you rather travel?

  • A) The beach 
  • B) The lake 
  • C) Europe 
  • D) New York 
  • E) I’ll go anywhere with friends!

What’s your favorite thing to find in a movie?

  • A) Crime
  • B) Action, action, action!  
  • C) Something that makes me think
  • D) I want to laugh 
  • E) Anything with zombies

Would you rather…

  • A) Edit videos 
  • B) Organize
  • C) Plan events 
  • D) Write 
  • E) Be in charge 

Choose a hobby

  • A) Playing Animal Crossing 
  • B) Creating music 
  • C) Going on adventures 
  • D) Relaxing 
  • E) Fangirling

What’s your favorite food?

  • A) Sushi
  • B) Breakfast food
  • C) Tacos 
  • D) Coffee (totally a food)
  • E) Chocolate 

What word describes you most?

  • A) Caring 
  • B) Serene
  • C) Easy-going
  • D) Cheerful 
  • E) Extraordinary

Which Disney princess do you like the most? 

  • A) Belle
  • B) Cinderella
  • C) Aurora
  • D) Snow White 
  • E) Merida 

Mostly A’s 

You are Grace Ellison, Honey’s Video Editor! You are always positive, and you are never caught without a smile on your face. You probably enjoy spending time with your favorite people; you’d do anything as long as you got to see them. Your friends would describe you as being the most supportive and genuine person they know. 

Mostly B’s 

You are Chloe Weaver, Honey’s Managing Editor! You are a go-with-the-flow type of person, and you probably love plants. You value quality time outdoors, and you most likely love making music. Your friends would describe you as being soft spoken and kind-hearted but also a caring and loving person. 

Mostly C’s 

You are Katherine Wilhoit, Honey’s Engagement Editor! You are very hardworking, fun and have lots of friends. You’re super adventurous and easy-going; you probably love to travel, too. Your friends would describe you as being fun, sweet and overall well-rounded. 

Mostly D’s 

You are Sarah Rainey, Honey’s Content Editor! You are an outgoing person, and you know how to make anyone smile. You want to get to know everyone on a personal level, and you’re always there to help. Your friends would describe you as being thoughtful, lively and pretty inside-and-out. 

Mostly E’s 

You are Emma Hudson, Honey’s Editor-In-Chief! You have an AMAZING fashion sense, and you’re never afraid to be yourself. You probably have a love for writing, and you are extremely educated. You are passionate about what you do, and nothing will get in your way of succeeding. Your friends would describe you as being unique, strong-willed and a cohesive person.