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Your new LGBTQ Spotify playlist


Looking for some fresh music from your favorite LBGTQ artists? You’re in luck.

Here is a playlist filled with beautiful, honest lyrics and rhythms that will make you want to dance. Grab your earphones, hunnies, and let’s get listening.

“girls” – girl in red

Marie Ulven is a Norwegian indie-pop singer-songwriter, also known as girl in red. Her 2018 single, “girls,” is her third most popular song on Spotify. 

It talks about the artist’s feelings toward women and how her sexuality is not a choice. If you like unapologetic vocals with a driving beat, this just might be your new favorite song.

“Saw You In A Dream” – The Japanese House 

The Japanese House is made up of solo artist Amber Bain, an indie-pop singer from the UK.  Her 2017 song, “Saw You In A Dream,” is her top Spotify single, with over 55 million listens. 

She combines a dreamy background with powerful, passionate lyrics to talk about her first love. You can dance along to this one, hunnies.

“Dark and Handsome” – Blood Orange

Under the persona Blood Orange, English solo artist Dev Hynes released “Dark and Handsome” back in 2019 on his album, “Angel’s Pulse.” His dreamy voice carries honest lyrics through hip hop sounds and techno beats.

“Sofia” – Clairo 

American singer-songwriter Claire Cottrell released “Sofia” on her 2019 album “Immunity.” She sings about her feelings for “Sofia” and how they should feel about their sexuality. Her smooth voice and catchy lyrics will make you want to sing along.

“Bloom” – Troye Sivan

Australian singer Troye Sivan has been a big name in the music industry for years. His song “Bloom” does not disappoint. He beautifully sings about how he “blooms” just for his lover with his silky voice and simple lyrics.

“Garden Shed” – Tyler the Creator 

Famous for his blunt raps and outspoken personality, Tyler the Creator slows things down in his song “Garden Shed” from his 2017 album, “Flower Boy.” He sings about hiding in the “Garden Shed” to protect his secret love. This song includes a bit of rap, heavy instrumentals, and a beautiful choral in the background. 

“Chanel” – Frank Ocean

Despite his mysterious, private persona, American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean opens up about his sexuality in this 2017 single. “Chanel” is his number one song on Spotify.

“Honey” – Kehlani 

Kehlani released this buttery-smooth single back in 2017. Her voice flexibly carries her original lyrics throughout the song with soulful acoustics in the background.

“Evergreen” – Ryan Beatty

“Evergreen” is from Beatty’s latest album, “Dreaming of David.” It is his third most popular song on Spotify. Though repetitive, Beatty keeps his listeners invested with his gorgeous voice and range, along with moving, changing beats.

“HIM” – Sam Smith 

Sam Smith brings sings about desire and religion in this 2017 song from his album, “The Thrill of It All.” He gracefully yet unapologetically sings over a soulful chorus, bringing in a hymn-like vibe.

“Baby Boy” – Kevin Abstract

BROCKHAMPTON front man Kevin Abstract released this chart-topping melody on his 2019 album, “ARIZONA BABY.” With Ryan Beatty’s lyrical accompaniment, Kevin Abstract introduces a narrative about getting over a past relationship through experimental sampling and genuine lyrics.

“1950” – King Princess 

King Princess topped her Spotify charts with this 2018 single. This pop ballad explores the artist’s sexuality along with her treatment in the dating world. 

“Careless Whisper” – George Michael

An oldie but a goodie, “Careless Whisper” explores love lost through timeless vocals and sensual instrumentals.

“Girls Like Girls” – Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko released this chart-topping bop on her 2015 EP, “This Side of Paradise.” Using genuine experience to paint her lyrics, she discusses the normality of her sexuality.

“Wait a Minute!” – WILLOW

Willow Smith tops the Spotify charts with this neo-funk song from her 2015 album, “ARDIPITHECUS.” She explores dimensions of spirituality and love with a heedless vocal range and candid lyrics.