Zodiac Signs As Fashion Pieces

Zodiac Signs As Fashion Pieces

Jenni Rice, Content Creator

Zodiac signs and fashion pieces alike have defining characteristics. Some signs are bold, just as some fashion choices are, while other signs are tamer, which is also reflected in style.

Find out which Zodiac signs are which fashion pieces below. 

Aries: Sunglasses


Aries are known for being bold, confident and secure. 

It only makes sense that they would be sunglasses. They block out the shade and do what they want unapologetically. 

Taurus: Jean Jackets


Taurus’s are known for being one of the most trustworthy signs, and nothing says trustworthy like a nice, reliable jean jacket.

No matter what you’re wearing, throwing a jean jacket over your outfit never fails to make it more fashionable.

Gemini: Mom Jeans


Geminis are fun, impulsive people who, despite their bad rep, seem to get along with everyone they talk to. 

Geminis are trend setters, and nothing says trendy like a pair of mom jeans.

Cancer: Lettuce-hemmed tops

ZAFUL Lettuce Trim Buttoned Crop Tank Top - Day Sky Blue M

Cancers are notorious for being emotional and sensitive, but also extremely loyal. 

Lettuce hemmed tops really capture the essence of Cancers, especially when in pastel colors.

Leo: Thigh-high boots


Leos are known as the boldest sign. 

They like to be the center of attention and aren’t afraid to make a statement, which is why they would be a pair of super bold thigh-high boots.

Virgo: Blazers


Virgos are known as being smart, organized and sophisticated, and what says sophisticated better than a blazer?

Libra: Cardigan


Libras are kind and easygoing people. Cardigans represent the easygoing vibe with their simple yet cozy appearance.

Scorpio: Chokers


Scorpios are known for being a bit intimidating and edgy, but they’re also fiercely independent. 

Chokers represent Scorpios well because they are an edgy choice but also display the “I am who I am” attitude.

Sagittarius: Flannels


Sagittarians are very adventurous and strong-willed.

Flannels represent them well as they are great to wear on adventures especially during Sagittarius season, and they complement the open-spirited personalities that Sagittarians possess.

Capricorn: Beanies


Capricorns are the most mysterious out of all the signs, so the edgy, mysterious nature of a beanie represents them very well.

Aquarius: Bandanas


Aquarians are known for being quirky but unapologetically themselves. 

While the reemerging of wearing bandanas seemed like an unexpected trend at first, it eventually became extremely popular, and it correlates well with how Aquarians are often deemed as strange but magnetic. 

Pisces: Flowy Dresses


Pisces are sensitive, free-spirited people, and flowy dresses capture their free spirits perfectly.

Did you feel your Zodiac sign was accurately represented through fashion? If not, at least you may have found some new fashion ideas for the next time you need some inspiration.

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