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Zodiac Signs As Lush Bath Bombs


The astrology signs and Lush bath bombs have more in common than you may think. Discover what Lush bath bomb fits best with your sign and why. 

Aries – Dragon’s Egg

Underneath Aries’ calm and collected persona lies a fire that cannot be contained. 

The Dragon’s Egg bath bomb looks simple, but once it is dropped into a bath, bright colors of orange and pink are released. Although Aries are known for being feisty, their heart for the people close to them is undeniable. 

Dragon’s Egg and your favorite Aries will be there for you when you need a wake up call.  

Taurus – The Comforter

Taurus’ comforting nature made this pairing an obvious choice. The Comforter bath bomb is a sweet and earthy scent that brings Taurus’ soothing nature to mind. Taurus’ are known to be great listeners, and a friendship with a Taurus can last a lifetime. 

The Comforter was reworked into a bath bomb from the popular bubble bar version, just as Taurus’ can evolve into different versions of themselves throughout their life. 

Gemini – Peachy

Geminis are known for their big personalities and for being extremely social. The Peachy bath bomb’s quirky name is reminiscent of Gemini’s witty personalities. 

Geminis are expressive and demand to be seen, just as Peachy’s grapefruit oil and fresh peach juice are sure to wake up your senses.  

Cancer – Big Blue

Although Cancers are known for being overly emotional, this is not always a bad thing. Being in touch with your emotions can help you develop a deep understanding of who you are. 

Big Blue is named for the ocean. From the sand, the ocean can seem like it is just constantly crashing down, but once you begin to explore, you realize there is much unknown. While Cancers may be open with their emotions, there is still much they choose not to share with others. 

Leo – Royalty

The Royalty bath bomb gives off major Leo vibes, not only with its name, but with its strong floral scent and vanilla undertones. Leos are known for their dominant personalities, which ties in well to their ability to be natural leaders. 

The name royalty fits well for king and queen Leos of this world. The shiny gold exterior will easily draw anyone in, just as Leos confidence draws in many.

Virgo – So White

Virgos are known for being sensible. Without any extra dyes, glitters, or any other additives, the So White bath bomb reflects Virgos focus. 

So White is made with soy milk, bergamot to cleanse, and rose. These simple yet effective ingredients are reminiscent of Virgos’ desire to accomplish goals well and without fault. 

Libra – Geode

Libras are known for their beauty and their desire for peace. The Geode bath bomb’s beautiful exterior is sure to draw you in, but the hint of calming lavender keeps you coming back. 

Libras desire harmony, and Geode is said to be mind clearing. The Geode bath bomb contains popping candy; Libras may experience a bit of pushback as they work toward balance. 

Scorpio – Sex Bomb

Lush’s best selling bath bomb, Sex Bomb, has been a crowd pleaser for years. Scorpios are known for being sensual, powerful and charismatic. Sex Bomb is one of Lush’s more alluring items with shades of soft pink and deep purple. 

While Scorpios are known for their sexy endeavours, they can also be romantic and leave you wanting more. 

Sagittarius – Groovy Kind of Love

Sagittarius’ optimism is reflected in Groovy Kind of Love’s fun and bright colors, as well as the addition of ylang ylang oil which is said to be calming. 

Sagittariuses have a strong desire to make everyone feel welcomed, and are often the life of the party. Groovy Kind of Love is a spontaneous purchase as it glimmers from the shelves of Lush. Sagittariuses are the kind of spontaneous fun that feels like buying a new bath bomb on a whim. 

Capricorn – Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte is a warm scent that often goes unnoticed, but is loved by its fans. Capricorns are an Earth sign, and can hide in the shadows, but their hard work and adaptability makes them a sign that calls for respect. 

The sweet vanilla scent of Turmeric Latte is reliable and classic, just like a Capricorn. 

Aquarius – Flight

The last thing an Aquarius wants is to be tied down. That is why Flight is the perfect representation of an Aquarius. 

Aquariuses are known for being one of a kind, and Flight is one of the less discovered bath bombs by Lush. The bright lime green, purple and blue combination of Flight reflects Aquarius’ eccentric personalities. 

Pisces – Turtle

As a water sign, the Turtle bath bomb was a natural fit for Pisces. Pisces are known for being laid back, just as turtles are known for going with the flow. The fun shape reflects Pisces goofy side, and Pisces can be a pick me up after a bad day. 

Although Pisces’ ambition may take them across the globe, their commitment to the people they care about is sure to make it feel as if they are always close to home. 

A relaxing bath that fits perfectly with your astrology sign is the perfect way to end a long day.